♟ I Sucked at Trading... These 4 Moments Saved Me

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Trade of the Day | Week in Review
Trade of the DayImage of a Sad Trader
A Money-Gushing Stock

Leave Investing Uncertainty Behind!

This industrial giant is an absolute steal at this price.
Treasure Chest

Forget 99.987% of Stocks (Use This ONE Instead)

See how to make massive profits by abandoning 8,251 of the 8,252 publicly traded stocks!
Will Santa Claus Arrive in December?

Santa Claus Rally + A New Trade Setup

Here's how the Nasdaq could reach all-time highs to end 2023.
Illustration of Currency Symbols, Puts, and Calls

The Best Time to Sell Puts

Don't wait for earnings... Try this instead.
Taking candy from a baby

A Weird Income Tactic So Simple and So Lucrative...

There's an unusual income tactic Warren Buffett has relied on time and time again for BILLIONS in dividend payouts.
Illustration of a Man Cutting a Stock Arrow

A 90% Success Rate Trading Options?

Here are my secrets to trading puts without getting burned.

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