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Should You Invest in This EV Company?

Jody Chudley, Contributing Analyst, The Oxford Club

Jody Chudley

There has been one surefire way to lose money in the stock market over the past couple of years...

Buying into the hype about new electric vehicle (EV) stocks has been pure poison for investor portfolios.

In June 2020, I warned investors to stay far away from heavy-duty electric truck maker Nikola Corp. (Nasdaq: NKLA). My issue with Nikola was its stock market valuation. The company had a $30 billion valuation but no profits, no cash flow and no revenue!

Nikola's stock has since been a disaster, down a horrifying 98%.

Chart: Nikola Corp.'s Stock Is Down 98%

After Nikola came another exciting EV manufacturer, Rivian (Nasdaq: RIVN).

Again, its valuation was ridiculous.

In October 2021, just before Rivian went public, I urged readers to avoid its stock.

Rivian's $70 billion-plus valuation didn't match up with the fact that the company hadn't generated any profits or revenue!

Like Nikola's, Rivian's stock has since collapsed, now down more than 80%.

Chart: Rivian's Shares Flounder

This week, I'm warning Wealthy Retirement readers about another EV manufacturer that the market has bid up to a nonsensical valuation.

This time, though, the valuation is even more absurd.

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