Republican Candidate Caught on Camera (Hosts Shocked)

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Republican Candidate Caught on Camera (Hosts Shocked)

By Alex Moschina, Publisher

Alex Moschina

Dear Reader,

Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy shocked TMZ hosts in an interview recently...

He pointed that China is beating us with nuclear power.

But according to our friends at Monument Traders Alliance, what he isn't talking about in public (or doesn't know) is:

One company could give the U.S. an edge.

You see...

They just partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to build a cutting-edge new device right here in America.

And that's not all...

This same company has pioneered technology that could power one million homes...

With 10,000 times LESS land than a wind farm of equal size.

1,000 times LESS land than solar.

And 1/10th the size of most nuclear plants.

No wonder the U.K. has signed a deal with to use this energy innovation through 2050... a deal worth $5 billion per year!

And one $3 stock is at the center of it all.

In short, this technology could be worth a fortune for this company...

Which is why this is the #1 stock on my friend Karim's wish list.



P.S. I think you'll be surprised to discover the name...

It's just as recognizable as Apple... or Amazon... or Tesla...

But while those trade at over $100 a share...

You can still get in for just $3!

But you can't wait long...

It just got 7 Major Upgrades on Market Beat...

And citing the strong 2022 finish and terrific 2023 guidance... Barron's declared: "The stock is revving up."

See Why In Karim's Presentation (Click Here)

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