Seven millionaires secretly dictate what happens to stocks

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Fellow Investor,

You could pass any one of these seven millionaires in the street and never know how powerful they are…

They don't run a hedge fund or an exciting tech startup... and nor do they hold public office.

Yet they wield immense power over the entire stock market.

In fact, they exercise direct control over thousands of publicly listed stocks... and could even have huge companies like Amazon or Berkshire Hathaway delisted from the stock market.

But these seven individuals hold the fate of millions of investors in their hands.

They're at the heart of a major stock market manipulation that could make a fool of millions of investors in the next recession... even as insiders walk away with millions of dollars.

My mission is to make sure you're not one of them.

As an advisor to both the FBI and Pentagon, I'm perfectly placed to expose what these seven powerful insiders are doing. So, I just hired an entire film crew and took to the streets outside their HQ to reveal all...

You can check out my expose in full right here (it's 100% free to watch).

It's not all doom and gloom, either.

As part of my investigation into this story, I discovered a really easy way to turn what's going on to your advantage.

If I'm right, there's a chance you could double your money in the coming recession, doing nothing more complicated than holding a few stocks.

I talk you through the three moves you need to make to capitalize right here in this video.


Joel Litman
Founder, Altimetry Research

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