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SEPT 08, 2023
Missing This Might Cost You An ARM

On today’s edition of Ask The Pros:

Our traders discussed dividends and taxes… what stocks they are watching in the coming week…  and what the billionaires are doing.

Plus Garrett Baldwin shared 2 hot tips  you won’t find anywhere else. 


— The Prosperity Pub Team
Stacking Advantages: Turnmire Trading Lab

Believe it or not, my trading journey began in third grade.

At a tender age of 8, I was engrossed in "The Stock Market Game" my school introduced.

Those were the days when stocks were listed in fractions, not decimals — a nostalgic memory for some, and a baffling concept for the younger generation.

Fast forward a decade, and at 18, I embarked on my trading journey with real money.

With over three decades in the game, I've witnessed the market's ebbs and flows.

One principle stands out: The undeniable might of compounding gains.

It's not merely about the returns from a single stock or reinvesting dividends.

It's the exponential growth achieved by integrating multiple strategies, each reinforcing the other.

2023 has been a stellar year for the strategies I've crafted.

"The Income Glitch," boasting an impeccable 58-0 streak, has been a testament to our dedication over the past 15 months.

Then there's the "60 Minute Surges," offering a daily opportunity to target substantial gains in the market's opening hour.

And our venture into the crypto realm with "Crypto Unleashed" has already yielded a whopping 46% return in under a week!

Visualize the synergy of using these strategies together.

It's the essence of compounding gains, but on steroids. Each tactic, distinct in its own right, enhances the others, leading to an avalanche of growth.

I’m looking for 10 committed students to join me in The Turnmire Trading Lab.

It’s a culmination of my market experiences, packaged to provide an unparalleled trading edge.

And the strategies I've mentioned? They're just the tip of the iceberg. The Lab offers a dozen strategies, ensuring a constant stream of trading insights.

Consider it your comprehensive hub for not only amplifying gains but also knowledge, strategies, and camaraderie.

Joining the Turnmire Trading Lab grants you access to all my Discord channels — even the exclusive ones.

Engage with a community of adept traders, brainstorming, identifying prospects, and navigating market intricacies.

While many in the trading realm boast of a "secret sauce," most are mere flashes in the pan. With Turnmire Trading Lab, you're equipped with a comprehensive strategy manual and a supportive community.

As we embark on this journey, always remember: It's beyond individual trade gains; it's about leveraging every resource at hand for compounded success.

Curious? Join me LIVE tomorrow, Saturday the 9th at 1pm Eastern, where I'll delve deeper and address your queries.

Click here to secure your seat for this complimentary session.

Hope you get to join me,

— Jeffry Turnmire

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