What is your favorite thing to do over the weekend?

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This is mine:

What's your favorite thing to do during the weekend?

Dinner with friends?

Maybe a show or a play?

Or maybe just relaxing with your feet up!

As for me, I'd have to say either spending time with my grandkids or a Sunday morning tee time.

But recently I added another favorite to that list, I call it my Weekend Side Hustle.

This allows me to target extra income over the weekend while the market is closed!

Nowadays my weekend routine starts by placing a quick trade before the market closes for the weekend…

And then I spend time doing the things I love!


All while knowing when Monday morning rolls around I could be logging back into a win!

Check out how you can start your Weekend Side Hustle journey HERE!

See you on the flip side,


Disclaimer: The profits and performance shown are not typical, we make no future earnings claims, and you may lose money. The trades expressed are from historical data based on a $5k investment in order to demonstrate the potential of the system.

RISK DISCLAIMER There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. DTI Trader and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results.


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