When Two Breakthroughs Combine...

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Manward Financial Digest

This Dynamic Duo Is Transforming the Tech Sector... and the World


AI Super Trader Summit

A Note From Amanda: Every investor is looking for an edge... and, well, we've got a doozy of one for you. Manward's own Alpesh Patel - hedge fund CEO, Trading Champion and Dealmaker to royalty - was one of the first to use ChatGPT to target winning stocks. His strategy's been so successful... Business Insider, the Financial Times, the BBC and Yahoo Finance have all asked him to discuss his amazing breakthrough.

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Anthony Summers

Anthony Summers

Every once in a while, something amazing comes along in the world of technology and changes everything.

I'm talking about a major innovation with the potential to transform the global economy.

Usually, these are once-in-a-lifetime events. But in just over a decade, we've witnessed not one but TWO such breakthroughs.

The first made its quiet debut in 2008, when concerns about our global financial system were at an all-time high. Speculation began circulating on the internet about a "peer-to-peer electronic cash system."

You know it as Bitcoin.

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It represented a groundbreaking and decentralized approach to money, with the potential to undermine central banks and promote free and open markets.

But not many people knew about it. In its early years, Bitcoin was a niche interest of computer nerds with a strong libertarian bent.

Then... Bitcoin broke into the mainstream.

Suddenly, the groundbreaking new cryptocurrency was making many folks rethink the way our financial system works... disrupting everything from individual transactions to institutional asset management.

And now... even central banks are working to create their own digital currencies.

It's an incredible story, really. But what if I told you that Bitcoin isn't its hero?


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You see... what most people forget is that Bitcoin isn't a technology per se. Rather, it's just one application of the incredible technology that makes all cryptos work: blockchain.

Blockchains are decentralized accounting systems used by cryptos and similar applications, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and securitized tokens.

Yet blockchains have far-reaching implications beyond financial markets. In fact, most blockchains are employed outside of the financial sector entirely...

Global Blockchain Technology Market Share by Industry, 2022

View larger image

Last year, the global blockchain market was valued at $11 billion. And it's expected to reach roughly $470 billion by 2030.

That's why I've been bullish on blockchain for many years. While the demand for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the like may come and go... the demand for blockchain technology just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

But now there's another groundbreaking technology that's making even more significant changes to the global economy...



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Tip of the Iceberg

Right now, we've seen only a small glimpse of what AI can do. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT that allow you to create or replicate various types of text, visual content and audio have entered the mainstream.

But just like blockchain's, AI's true potential goes way beyond its initial use cases. In fact, AI is on the verge of achieving much bigger things.

As we showed Manward Letter readers in the just-released September issue... AI has immense potential in the healthcare field. It's an area where human limitations have been quite damaging. AI has the potential to significantly reduce costs while making healthcare more effective.

It's already improving our ability to detect and treat chronic diseases... and speeding up the drug development process.

Meanwhile, in other industries, AI is helping to cut administrative expenses and boost logistical operations.

In the financial sector, professional investors and traders are turning to AI to help them build better strategies and identify bigger profit opportunities. (Like Manward's own Alpesh Patel. He's going to show folks how he's using AI to target winning stocks at a free online event next week. Details here.)

But I'm convinced the biggest opportunities lie in the industries where AI and blockchain converge...

I'll show you what I mean and why I'm so excited in the weeks to come.

Invest wisely,


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Anthony Summers

Anthony Summers is the Director of Strategic Trading for Manward Press and a contributor to Manward Financial Digest, Manward Trading Tactics and Manward Letter. He is a former senior analyst for The Oxford Club, where he closely worked with some of our nation's sharpest financial minds for nearly a decade. Anthony is a self-styled "conservatively aggressive trader" and has earned a reputation for developing unique trading strategies that focus on low-risk, high-return opportunities in both stock and options markets.


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