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Editor's Note: Our Lead Technical Tactician Nate Bear is a 40-year-old father of four kids, three dogs, two frogs and a parrot... and he's also one of the most impressive traders I've ever seen.

Nate's students have called him the Bob Ross of trading, saying he offers a calm, steady voice of reason amid the never-ending chaos in the markets.

But he hasn't always been that way. As you'll see below, he was once a struggling trader who almost quit trading entirely.

I think you'll be just as captivated as I was by his inspirational rags-to-riches story... and his new quest to fulfill his passion for helping everyday investors.

(He also recently discovered a potentially lucrative phenomenon that tends to appear in certain stocks' charts - go HERE to learn more.)

- Ryan Fitzwater, Publisher

"For the first time in my trading career, I felt like I wasn't alone."

Nate Bear, Lead Technical Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

Nate Bear

Bad mistakes.

To paraphrase the late, great Freddie Mercury in "We Are the Champions," I've made more than a few.

Don't get me wrong - things are great now. I've managed to make a wonderful living for myself and my family, and we have the freedom to live our life on our terms.

But my journey from $37,000 to $2.7 million in just four years was no pleasure cruise.

Today, I'd like to share with you the four most transformative moments of my trading life.

I would've saved my family a TON of stress and heartache if I'd known then what I know now...

But without the bitter defeats, I wouldn't have learned to appreciate the victories.

If you're struggling or feeling lost - or if you simply want more chances to find winning trades - I hope this helps.

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1.The Hole in the Wall

The darkest day in my trading career came about a decade ago.

A little backstory: My full-time job at the time was renovating stores like McDonald's and Home Depot. It required me to work all day and take calls all night... and I sometimes had to be away from my family for a week at a time.

It wasn't fulfilling... and it certainly wasn't lucrative.

My family was counting on me to provide for them, and money was getting tight. So I decided to give trading a try.

One day I heard some "expert" on TV going on and on about how Apple (AAPL) was going to have its best quarter ever and crush earnings expectations.

So, thinking nothing could possibly go wrong, I loaded up!

Well, as fate would have it, Apple MISSED on earnings... and my trade quickly turned against me.

It kept dropping...

And dropping...

And dropping...

Until I'd lost everything.

$15,000... GONE.

That's right... We were already in a tough spot financially, and then I threw away 15 grand on an earnings event (which I now know is basically a coin flip!).

I felt like a complete failure... I was so furious with myself that I punched a hole in the wall next to my desk!

Hole in a Wall

And for the next two years, that hole served as a daily reminder of how naive and shortsighted I'd been.

I knew that if I was going to survive as a trader, something had to change.

2. The Community

I'm a naturally independent person. I take pride in being able to figure things out on my own. But by this point, I was out of options. I had to ask for help.

So I joined an online trading community. And the instant I joined... I was floored.

For the first time in my trading career, I felt like I wasn't alone. It turned out there were thousands of other people out there longing to create better lives for themselves through trading - just like I was.

We shared our ideas, goals and aspirations... we congratulated each other on our winning trades... and together, we learned the importance of finding a winning system and sticking to it.

It took some time... but I started to believe in myself again.

Before long, I went from humbly asking questions to confidently answering questions. And I even began to develop my own trading strategy. (If you want to skip ahead and learn more about my strategy, you can check it out HERE.)

There's truly nothing better than a community of people committed to helping one another achieve a common goal. I know for a fact I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't found one.

3. The "Eureka!" Moment

According to legend, the ancient mathematician Archimedes once frolicked through the streets of Sicily naked, shouting "Eureka!" (which means "I've found it!").

Why, you ask?

While at a public bathhouse, he'd had an epiphany that led to a significant scientific breakthrough.

Now, I'm no mathematician, and I've certainly never sprinted down a road in the nude.

But I can relate to what Archimedes must've felt in that moment...

Because it's exactly how I felt when I realized how profoundly trading could affect my life.

I was sitting on the beach with my family when I got a notification that one of my trades had gone NUCLEAR.

I more than doubled my money... pocketing over $9K... while my kids were splashing each other and building sandcastles.

That was my "Eureka!" moment.

It was just one of the many triple-digit winners (not to mention the occasional quadruple-digit winner) my system has found... but this was when I realized my system could do more than just find winning trades. It had the power to completely alter the course of my family's life.

Everything I'd studied, every question I'd sheepishly asked online, all the grueling hours I'd spent testing and retesting my strategies... it was all worth it in that moment.

4. The Mission

The most recent event that changed my life as a trader actually happened just over a month ago.

I've embarked on a new journey to combine everything I learned from my first three life-altering moments. This is what my entire career as a trader has been building toward.

It's going to give me the opportunity to share the wisdom I picked up from my "hole in the wall" moments... and my proven system for identifying winning trades... with a community of passionate traders who are committed to finding the freedom they've always dreamed of.

Here's the deal...

Every month, I'll make a list of stocks that have recently beaten earnings. Then, using some of the same criteria that helped me turn $37K into $2.7 million in four years, I'll pinpoint the best moneymaking opportunity out of all those outperformers.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"Nate, by the time the company reports earnings, it'll be too late - the stock will have already moved!"

A lot of people think that's how it works. I used to think that too.

But I'm here to tell you... that's DEAD WRONG!

According to a 2021 study in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance...

An earnings surprise does not lead to a full, instantaneous adjustment of stock prices, but to a slow, predictable drift.

The study even says this phenomenon "has been described at length for decades." The Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and top universities like Duke and Harvard have all researched it extensively.

I like to call this upward drift the "Earnings Profit Surge."

I'll give you a few examples I found in hindsight while looking back at the past year... I'll even pick three stocks that every single one of you has heard of.

Hershey (HSY) shot up 10% after an earnings beat in February...

Hershey Earnings Profit Surge

Coca-Cola (KO) went up 9.6% after blowing past analyst expectations last October...

Coca-Cola Earnings Profit Surge

And just this past April, Microsoft (MSFT) smashed through earnings projections and exploded over 24%!

Microsoft Earnings Profit Surge

As you can see, these surges can be massive. But in this ultimate phase of my trading journey, I'll be recommending plays that give you the chance to SUPERCHARGE the gains from Earnings Profit Surges.

And a TON of big-name companies are about to report earnings...

Which means now is the perfect time for us to start trading Earnings Profit Surges together.



I recently sat down with an award-winning financial expert to discuss why the Earnings Profit Surge exists... and why I'm on a mission to help everyday investors profit from it.

You can find our brief chat right here. Check it out as soon as you can - I believe it could be your first step toward your own "Eureka!" moment.

Happy trading,



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