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Dear Reader,

Hi, Ian King here.

In 2020 — I released my first major crypto event called Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

In it, I predicted:

"This new crypto bull market is going to keep getting bigger — and will last longer — than anything we've seen before or since. Prices across the entire sector are set to rocket in the months ahead."

That very same day — bitcoin broke through to a then-record $22,000.

And I showed viewers the chance to see peak gains of:

1,900% in four months ... followed by a peak of 15,000% within the year...

3,900% in three months … which led to an incredible 18,000% in 13 months.

Now — in my newest event — Crypto's Turning Point — I'm offering the chance to see my newest crypto recommendations that could prove to be even bigger.

And you do NOT want to miss out on this opportunity.

Because we're entering a brand-new bull market in cryptos — one that most investors haven't been paying attention to.

But — I must warn you — this is a limited-time rerelease of my presentation.

I don't want to see you miss out — so I urge you, go here now, and see Crypto's Turning Point while you can.

Because this could be the single best time to get into the crypto market ever — and I want to show you the best ways to do it.

Ian King Signature
Ian King
Editor, The Banyan Edge

P.S. I'm also giving you the chance to see three new coins are set to take the market by storm in the coming months.

Each one has the potential to 10X your investment.

P.S.S. What could my new crypto recommendations mean to you? Well, last time crypto rallied into a massive new bull market — my readers had the chance to see incredible gains.

Folks like Edward reported: "I invested $1,336 into Luna… I held on until December 22, 2021 when I sold. And I made over $150,000 profit on this one coin."

Or Linda who said: "I put $500 into each trade, Luna being one of them… My total gain, $42,300!!!"

Or Charles who wrote: "Wow! I bought Luna in December 2020 with $835. I took some money out 5 months later because I needed it. I sold the rest of the balance a year later. I estimated by total profit to be $54,000."

Hurry — my new presentation comes offline SOON.


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