How long can he keep this 100% win rate up?

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If I told you that one legendary trader has found a way to target a few hundred bucks each trade - with a 100% success rate to date. Would

If I told you that one legendary trader has found a way to target extra income - with a 100% success rate to date.

Would you believe me?

If the answer is no, I don't blame you.

Just close out this email now and go about your life.

But if you answered yes, then I have something special for you…

A free report on what this legendary 25-year trading vet calls the "Income Glitch"


You see, by taking advantage of this Income Glitch on one ticker over and over…

He's been able to go 64 trades straight without a single loser!

That's a 100% success rate folks, it doesn't get much better than that!

Of course nothing is guaranteed in the markets and losses can always occur…

But you need to check out this FREE report and see how you can target extra income each and every trade… Using a strategy that has yet to lose!

The report is free, click here to check it out

Talk soon,


Disclaimer: Since its inception, the win rate is 100% over 64 trade alerts. The average hold time is around 14 days, and the average win is between 5-7%. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Annualized the return on options is 234.32% per year without compounding.

RISK DISCLAIMER There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. DTI Trader and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results.


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