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"The beauty of an earnings strangle is you can make money if a stock goes up OR down."

Karim Rahemtulla, Head Fundamental Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

Karim Rahemtulla

It's that time of the year again: earnings season.

Earnings season is when companies report their numbers from the previous quarter. These figures can move stock prices sharply up or down.

For that reason, earnings season is the perfect time to use earnings strangles.

A strangle is an options strategy you might use when you are betting on a big move higher or lower for a stock. And earnings reports are some of the most common catalysts for these kinds of big moves.

Sounds easy enough, right? It's not.

Let me lay it all out for you.

See how earnings strangles work

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Google is frantically playing catch-up after the latest artificial intelligence breakthrough forced it to declare "Code Red" and bring back its founders.

Meanwhile, this expert believes one sub-$10 stock is in PERFECT position to soar as it powers the AI revolution.

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