🌎 Interactive Brokers Group Sold, Credo Technology Group Sold, Texas Capital Bancshares Bought and more...

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Insider Trades for Interactive Brokers Group, Credo Technology Group, Natera, Texas Capital Bancshares, Atlassian, DraftKings and more... InsiderTrades.com Newsletter
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U.S. Insider Buying for Tuesday, October 24
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
HHH Howard HughesPershing Square Capital Manage DirectorBuy23,079 shares @ $66.95$1,545,139.0510/20/2023$66.95right arrow
HHH Howard HughesPershing Square Capital Manage DirectorBuy59,200 shares @ $67.34$3,986,528.0010/23/2023$66.95right arrow
TCBI Texas Capital BancsharesRobert W Stallings DirectorBuy8,000 shares @ $54.54$436,320.0010/20/2023$54.17right arrow
TFC Truist FinancialWilliam H Rogers Jr CEOBuy10,000 shares @ $28.05$280,500.0010/20/2023$27.97right arrow
VANI Vivani MedicalGregg Williams DirectorBuy100,565 shares @ $1.00$100,565.0010/23/2023$1.08right arrow

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U.S. Insider Selling for Tuesday, October 24
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ACN AccentureJoel Unruch General CounselSell3,251 shares @ $297.00$965,547.0010/23/2023$292.73right arrow
BWAQ Blue World AcquisitionWorld Holdings Ltd Blue Major ShareholderSell400,000 shares @ $1,200,000.00$480,000,000,000.0010/20/2023$10.83right arrow
CFB CrossFirst BanksharesMichael Kent Robinson DirectorSell18,729 shares @ $10.64$199,276.5610/20/2023$10.21right arrow
COST Costco WholesaleClaudine Adamo EVPSell2,565 shares @ $548.92$1,407,979.8010/23/2023$549.99right arrow
CRDO Credo Technology GroupWilliam Joseph Brennan CEOSell15,000 shares @ $14.03$210,450.0010/23/2023$14.22right arrow
CRM SalesforceMarc Benioff CEOSell15,000 shares @ $201.68$3,025,200.0010/23/2023$197.05right arrow
DKNG DraftKingsJason Robins InsiderSell200,000 shares @ $27.11$5,422,000.0010/20/2023$27.34right arrow
FSLY FastlyBrett Shirk EVPSell7,000 shares @ $14.60$102,200.0010/20/2023$14.24right arrow
FTNT FortinetPatrice Perche EVPSell7,535 shares @ $56.13$422,939.5510/23/2023$55.94right arrow
HSY HersheySteven E Voskuil CFOSell1,500 shares @ $190.55$285,825.0010/23/2023$194.56right arrow
IBKR Interactive Brokers GroupPaul Jonathan Brody CFOSell13,148 shares @ $80.39$1,056,967.7210/20/2023$79.75right arrow
IBKR Interactive Brokers GroupPaul Jonathan Brody CFOSell13,147 shares @ $80.63$1,060,042.6110/23/2023$79.75right arrow
LBRT Liberty EnergyRon Gusek PresidentSell50,000 shares @ $20.49$1,024,500.0010/23/2023$20.21right arrow
LEGH Legacy HousingCurtis Drew Hodgson ChairmanSell7,864 shares @ $18.38$144,540.3210/23/2023$18.17right arrow
LEN LennarJeffrey Joseph Mccall EVPSell8,843 shares @ $105.10$929,399.3010/20/2023$103.01right arrow
LEN LennarJeffrey Joseph Mccall EVPSell1,157 shares @ $105.01$121,496.5710/23/2023$103.01right arrow
LEN-B LennarJeffrey Joseph Mccall EVPSell8,843 shares @ $105.10$929,399.3010/20/2023$96.81right arrow
LEN-B LennarJeffrey Joseph Mccall EVPSell1,157 shares @ $105.01$121,496.5710/23/2023$96.81right arrow
MCD McDonald'sJoseph M Erlinger InsiderSell4,487 shares @ $256.61$1,151,409.0710/23/2023$257.99right arrow
NTRA NateraSteven Leonard Chapman CEOSell2,595 shares @ $40.39$104,812.0510/23/2023$40.06right arrow
QLYS QualysBruce K Posey InsiderSell1,595 shares @ $156.89$250,239.5510/20/2023$152.01right arrow
RARE Ultragenyx PharmaceuticalThomas Richard Kassberg EVPSell39,878 shares @ $32.78$1,307,200.8410/23/2023$32.76right arrow
SG SweetgreenNathaniel Ru InsiderSell25,000 shares @ $10.89$272,250.0010/20/2023$10.13right arrow
SIG Signet JewelersOded Edelman InsiderSell6,800 shares @ $72.98$496,264.0010/20/2023$69.98right arrow
SIG Signet JewelersOded Edelman InsiderSell6,600 shares @ $71.80$473,880.0010/23/2023$69.98right arrow
SXT Sensient TechnologiesE. Craig Mitchell InsiderSell2,608 shares @ $57.39$149,673.1210/23/2023$55.51right arrow
TEAM AtlassianMichael Cannon-Brookes CEOSell8,241 shares @ $186.12$1,533,814.9210/23/2023$178.61right arrow
UTG Reaves Utility Income FundThomas Michael Grimes insiderSell15,223 shares @ $23.62$359,567.2610/23/2023$23.83right arrow
UTG Reaves Utility Income FundThomas Michael Grimes insiderSell15,223 shares @ $23.62$359,567.2610/23/2023$23.83right arrow

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Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
ED Consolidated Edison263$22,494.0055$88.31Reduce$88.29right arrow
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners28,101$67,041.0065$2.44$0.00right arrow
YORW York Water369$13,124.0055$35.62$0.00right arrow
MDV Modiv Industrial449$6,812.0033$14.75Buy$17.50right arrow
ADC Agree Realty35,800$1,990,410.0043$54.21Moderate Buy$73.28right arrow
BHVN Biohaven154,181$3,402,138.0033$27.64Buy$25.25right arrow
CODA Coda Octopus Group183,080$1,103,312.0033$6.39Buy$10.00right arrow
COTY Coty3,525,275$38,061,082.0043$9.68Hold$12.51right arrow
DERM Dermira48,000$143,040.0022$3.27Buy$6.00right arrow
CURO CURO Group24,102$25,787.0022$0.60Reduce$3.50right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
JBL Jabil194,190$25,392,695.00128$121.79Buy$120.00right arrow
DASH DoorDash311,500$24,267,301.0077$72.32Hold$89.77right arrow
EVCM EverCommerce9,107$89,613.0077$9.79Moderate Buy$11.88right arrow
EW Edwards Lifesciences63,765$4,439,467.0066$68.28Hold$90.71right arrow
GOOG Alphabet53,142$6,992,868.0076$126.66Buy$130.94right arrow
GOOGL Alphabet53,142$6,992,868.0076$125.59Moderate Buy$144.27right arrow
ABNB Airbnb155,135$20,674,129.00116$118.43Hold$144.77right arrow
SNCY Sun Country Airlines20,032$287,813.00116$12.60Moderate Buy$21.50right arrow
TOST Toast87,998$1,557,379.0076$16.58Hold$23.72right arrow
ZM Zoom Video Communications68,431$4,451,532.0076$60.35Hold$81.55right arrow

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