Is this the next big biotech wonder on Wall Street?

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Now may be one of the best times to have (OTC:BSEM) on your radar as it reshapes the future of medicine and is still at the beginning of its growth story!

The biotech arena entered bear territory this year but may come to an enormous rebound. Many analysts think several biotech stocks in the market are underpriced. That can be said for one biotech company trading at a little under $3, a leading innovator focused on harnessing the natural properties of perinatal tissue in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing allografts for regenerative therapies. Two massive multi-billion-dollar markets for its regenerative therapies could position this company as one of the most promising up-and-coming biotech stocks on Wall Street!

The company manufactures perinatal tissue allografts and is focused on the diabetic wound care marketand theadvanced wound care market. Notable clients and partners include UFC and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.Perinatal tissue allografts have been successfully used since the early 1900s as an alternative modality for the treatment for chronic wounds. More recently physicians have used these products to treat ocular surface disorders, chronic non-healing diabetic wounds, and in a variety of surgical procedures. The market for the company's products has developed and is continuing to develop is extensive and this cutting-edge technology can prove to be a game-changer to many patients suffering from painful and slow recoveries.

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