🫨 A SEISMIC Week for the Markets

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PREDICTION: The Next Trillion-Dollar Stock

In 2007, he predicted Facebook would become a $100 billion company.

In 2010, he predicted Apple would reach a three-trillion-dollar valuation.

In 2013, he called Bitcoin -- before it rose 50,000% and ultimately reached a trillion-dollar market cap.

And now, this A.I. Genius is stepping into the spotlight to predict the next-trillion stock.

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This is your last chance to follow Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld into his favorite stock in his favorite sector!

TOMORROW, October 24, Marc will be investing thousands of dollars of his own money into a sub-$10 energy stock he believes could DOUBLE in the next year.

"Nothing is hotter than energy right now," he says. "That's why I'm urging people to hear me out today."

Your window of opportunity will be gone after the market closes tomorrow. Go here to have Marc walk you through all the details.

State of the Market video

This week is going to be SEISMIC for the markets.

Four of the seven biggest companies on Earth will report earnings over the next four days.

Of course, sometimes it's wise to take earnings news with a grain of salt. But other times, it can be a powerful catalyst capable of generating triple-digit wins.

In the latest episode of State of the Market, Marc says to pause the holiday cheer... and declares that earnings season is the true most wonderful time of the year.

Dividend Grade Guide

What does Marc's Safety Net methodology have in common with airplane seats?

It leaves very little wiggle room.

At first glance, this energy stock doesn't meet the criteria and its dividend looks shaky.

But could the company's upcoming earnings report turn things in the right direction?

The Value Meter

Not many companies could pull off what this one has.

It owns and operates countless high-dollar assets all around the globe, and its diversified portfolio has helped it grow its funds from operations more than 30-fold since 2008.

Plus, while companies in every sector imaginable are getting slammed by high interest rates, this one is actually poised to benefit!

Find out why now is a great opportunity to buy this ascending and reliable business.


"Unfortunately, when I was young, I didn't receive financial education. Thanks to your letter and to The Oxford Club, I'm more aware of the ways to make and protect my money and use different tools to that end." - Wealthy Retirement Reader Neuville

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The Big Banks Will Be FURIOUS This Secret Is Out...

Cartoon Marc Holding Money

Financial Insider Reveals "Magic Code" You Can Use to Get Up to 255 Times More Income From the Big Banks. If You Have a Savings Account, Check This Out Immediately.

Image of a man holding up a shield to protect bags of money from downward-facing red arrows


Far too many people right now are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and proclaiming we're in danger of slipping into a recession.

The truth is our economy is much stronger than most of them realize.

Corporate earnings will prove it... and will present plenty of short-term profit opportunities in the coming weeks.

See which stock Marc has his eye on. (Hint: It's beaten earnings estimates for 16 quarters in a row.)

GameStop: The Stock That Was Guaranteed to Fail >>

The Intersection of Time and Money >>

Three Picks for Portfolio Protection >>

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The Most Important Discovery of My Career

Marc in a blue tie

Last year, our research team performed an in-depth audit on all of my winning trade recommendations across all of my services over 12 years.

The goal was to find a common theme among what worked best.

In total, there were 442 winners - roughly 36 per year.

And of those 442 winners, nearly 100 of them were triple-digit winners.

That means I've already given my readers nearly 100 chances to double their money - or more - over the past 12 years.

And I expect the $7 energy company I'm recommending today to be added to that list very soon.

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