The #1 Stock to Buy for the tech behind Musk’s “$1,200 Car”

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Elon Musk's New "$1,200 Car" Is Coming

Elon Musk just announced that he could be days away from launching his "endgame" project.

It has nothing to do with AI (or any other hot technology).

But it could help create $500 billion in new wealth for early investors over the next couple of years.

What's the project?

Well, Musk has designed what I call a "$1,200 car."

And when it goes live, it could reshape the auto industry (even more than Tesla did).

And that's because this "car" will affect every auto owner in America – regardless of whether they own an EV.

"This project – it's Musk's endgame. It's where he was always going with Tesla," says technology analyst, Matt McCall. "This 'car' is going to be Musk's legacy and the future of the auto industry."

McCall has been on Wall Street for nearly two decades – and has isolated 40 tech stocks that have gone up over 10x.

He recommended Tesla in 2014 – before the stock went up 2,600%.

And he's been tracking Musk's "$1,200 car project" ever since that initial Tesla recommendation.

And now, with the debut of this project right around the corner, McCall is telling everyone the #1 stock to buy to cash in.

"I've found one stock that could go up 10x as the "$1,200 car" becomes a reality." McCall says, "It could be my next 10x winner."

To get the name of that stock... And all the details on Musk's new "$1,200 car project..."

Just click here.


Alex Perry
Staff Writer, Stansberry Research

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