The “end of America” domino just fell

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Dear Reader,

I’ve forewarned of some of the biggest financial stories of the last 25 years.

In 2008, I warned readers that the U.S. housing market was on the verge of triggering a stock market crash. 

In 2010, I described in near-perfect detail many events of the last decade – riots, government lockdowns, inflation – in a 77-minute video presentation called “End of America” – it’s been viewed over 100 million times.

I had no plans to produce a follow-up documentary to “End of America” until recently, when soaring interest rates and inflation combined to start a chain reaction.

This series of events, that’s already underway, will lead to more banks collapsing, then a culminating financial catastrophe.

Followed by a wave of violence that has no precedent in our nation’s history. 

How do I know? 

Because every society that has had this much government spending… this much debt… this much military power – and that exploits, controls, and divides with constant propaganda always ends in revolution, war, disease, destruction… and total financial collapse: 

Believe me, I don’t make this prediction lightly.

I’m simply following my research to its logical conclusion. That’s why, before I go any further, I must warn you: What I’m going to say is controversial.

It will offend people all over the political and economic spectrum.  

In fact, some powerful groups are fearful of this message, and they’ll go to great lengths to discredit me. They’ve done it before… 

Do yourself a favor. Before it’s taken offline (which could happen at any time), check out this follow-up documentary to “End of America”

I’ve seen in the past just how far powerful people will go to silence me. 


Porter Stansberry

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