This Under the Radar Energy Drink Stock is Set to Soar

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The Nasdaq's unexpected champion is back at it again...

Jim Woods

Fellow Investor,

Hi, I'm Jim Woods, editor of the investment advisory Intelligence Report.

Did you know The Nasdaq's biggest gainer since 1990 isn't Apple or Amazon? It's an energy drink company...

Monster Beverage – originally trading as Hansen's Naturals – has rocketed 57,619% since its launch.

Since it began trading in 2012 as Monster Beverage Corp, its stock price is up 486.10%.

This continued mind-blowing performance reflects the exploding popularity of energy drinks over the past 20+ years, which have taken a big bite out of the market share for traditional sodas.

It's a stock performance worthy of a tech or crypto company, but in the relatively stable world of consumer packaged goods.

But I have TWO very important insights to share with you today...

#1: The boom in the energy drink market is only getting started. There is massive upside still ahead.

#2: While MNST can't maintain its stock's momentum, there is a new kid on the block silently stepping in.

Let me explain...

Recession-Resistant: Energy Drink Competitor Increased 39% In 2022 While Market Crashed

The energy drink sector proved to be an oasis of profits in 2022. In a year when the S&P 500 crashed 19%, energy drink company Celsius Holdings increased by 39%.

Looking back further, the beverage industry in general has shown itself to be resilient during recessions.

Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo dipped along with the broader market in the Great Recession of 2008, but both recovered much more quickly than the broader market.

After all, just like alcohol and cigarettes, people don't give up on their sodas or energy drinks easily.

So, the right company in this space gives investors a much less volatile place to grow their wealth.

Speaking of which...

The Exec Who Helped Launch Monster Is Set To Repeat Successful Formula

Founders Todd and Karrie Gibson
Founders Todd and Karrie Gibson

With beverages providing both recession resilience and the opportunity for big gains, a new player in the energy drink space is making waves.

In fact, it's led by an executive who help launch Monster into its incredible success.

That executive is Todd Gibson, and he and his wife, Karrie are doing it again.

In addition to his time on the ground floor of the Monster story, Todd also led three other beverage companies to $100 million in sales and acquisitions by the likes of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Karrie brings her own track record of successful exits to the company, having most recently sold her recycling company after growing it into the third largest in the U.S.

This gives you one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to invest in the next "Hansen/Monster Beverages" story!

An obvious exit path would be for the Gibsons to lead the company to the $100 million in sales mark and then start looking around for a major beverage company to either sign a distribution deal or acquire the company outright.

That path has proved lucrative for past shareholders in brands led by Todd Gibson.

Can this company match Monster Beverage's 57,619.9% gain? That's probably a stretch.

But given a unique market positioning, rapid growth path, and stellar leadership team, a 10X gain seems well within the realm of possibility.

Time To Do Your Due Diligence

It's not every day that the market offers you that kind of upside within a comparatively stable market like beverages.

The time is now to start doing your due diligence on this company.

To help you do that, click here to learn how you can access my in-depth report on this companyMonster Profit Potential: The Undiscovered Beverage Company Set to Explode.


Jim Woods
Editor, Intelligence Report

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