Trader, Markets are Back to the Volatility Hurt Locker

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Free TheoNight Report - for Wednesday, October 25, 2023 by Don Kaufman - Markets are Back to the Volatility Hurt Locker



1. The markets have returned to a state known as the "volatility Hurt Locker", characterized by intense fluctuations, as indicated by the S&P 500's recent decline by about 53 handles.

2. A significant market level, 4211 in the S&P futures, is considered pivotal; trading below this number has historically resulted in high volatility and challenging trading environments.

3. Despite earnings reports from tech companies like Meta, there's no significant material impact on the major indices like the NASDAQ or S&P 500 as of now.

4. Major tech companies, especially Amazon, may significantly influence market trends, with Amazon's upcoming earnings report causing some concern due to potential implications for the tech sector as a whole.

5. The bond market appears to be in a downturn, with a potential for a further significant decline, while the S&P 500 remains in a highly volatile state with traders advised to be cautious and strategic.


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