15 Healthcare Stocks Analysts Love the Most

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Many hospital systems were financially battered by the pandemic. They had to stop providing profitable outpatient procedures and focus on critical care and serving COVID-19 patients. This left a gaping hole in the balance sheets of many healthcare systems. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies including Moderna and Pfizer had some of their best years ever. In the post-pandemic and post-stimulus world, the American healthcare system is undergoing an economic reset. Firms that focus on reducing costs and improving patient outcomes stand to benefit, while legacy firms unwilling to adapt are likely to languish.  

For those that invest in healthcare stocks, it can be difficult to understand the changing dynamics of the American healthcare system. There are more than 250 healthcare companies traded on public markets and it can be difficult to identify good investing opportunities given the sheer number of public pharmaceutical companies, research firms, hospital systems, medical device providers, and other healthcare stocks.

Fortunately, Wall Street's brightest minds have already done this for us. Every year, research analysts issue approximately 3,000 distinct recommendations for healthcare companies. Analysts don't always get their "buy" ratings right, but it's worth taking a hard look when several analysts from different brokerages and research firms are giving "strong-buy" and "buy" ratings to the same healthcare stock.

We've created a report that details the 15 healthcare companies that Wall Street's top-rated equities research analysts are telling their clients they should buy. If you are looking to make a play in the healthcare sector in the next few months, chances are the stock you are looking for is somewhere on this list.

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  1. Regulatory Impact: Healthcare stocks are often influenced by regulatory decisions, drug approvals, and changes in healthcare policy. Stay informed about potential regulatory shifts as they can significantly impact stock prices.

  2. Innovation and Research: Healthcare is an innovation-driven sector, and companies with strong research and development pipelines can experience substantial growth. Evaluate a company's commitment to innovation and the potential of its drug or product pipeline.

  3. Demographic Trends: Consider demographic factors, such as an aging population and increasing healthcare needs. Companies positioned to benefit from these trends, such as those in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or healthcare services, may present attractive investment opportunities.

  4. Earnings and Valuation: Analyze a healthcare company's financial health, earnings, and valuation metrics. While some healthcare stocks may trade at premium valuations due to growth prospects, it's essential to assess whether the valuation is justified.

  5. Risk Management and Diversification: Healthcare stocks can be sensitive to clinical trial outcomes, regulatory decisions, and unexpected market events. Diversify your healthcare holdings to mitigate risks associated with individual stocks, and consider the sector's defensive qualities during market downturns.

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