AI pioneer admits to AI investing "paradox"

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We have a message from James Altucher at Paradigm Press. While the message that he recently relayed to his readers may not reflect our views, we thought you may be interested in what he has to say...

- Ryan Fitzwater, Publisher

AI Pioneer Admits to AI Investing "Paradox"


Artificial intelligence is the greatest wealth-building opportunity for regular Americans in the past 150 years.

Some estimate it will be $15.7 trillion boom.

But most folks won't make a penny.


The AI Paradox.

If you don't understand the Paradox, don't invest in AI.

You could lose your shirt.

How do I know?

Because I might be best-known for my hedge fund and capital investment experience...

But I went to college and graduate school for AI.

I started working in AI in 1987.

I've even programmed my own early AI investing tools.

And that's how I know most investors don't know the AI Paradox...

Before you spend one nickel on AI...

I urge you to watch this first.

I'll show you everything you need to know.

To your good fortune,

James Altucher
Best-selling author; hedge fund manager; entrepreneur

P.S. I'm also predicting between now and January 9, 2024, a new generation of AI will create a brief "wealth window" in America. It could make crypto look like pocket change. I'm sharing full details HERE.


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