Attention: Fear is giving way for greed

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But please: don't make this careless mistake!
With Christmas buying season right around the corner…

And the Fed continuing to keep rates stable…

Fear is quickly giving way to greed. 

Traders are asking themselves if now is the time to dive head first and pour all they've got into stocks. 

The idea is that now is the perfect time to buy low…

But let me warn you:

Dumping money into stocks is the absolute WORST thing you could do right now! 

Because what you don't see is the large number of TOP stocks sitting at extreme risk… 

Or where the big institutional money is actually headed… 

If you're sitting there completely discouraged, let me help you out. 

Because I don't want you to stop trading all together…

I just want to make sure you're playing your cards right in these unique circumstances. 

So check out this training to see how I'm setting myself up for success in 2024

Trade well, 
Jack Carter


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