Biggest prediction of my 50-year career on wall street

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Biggest Prediction of My 50-Year Career on Wall Street

You may have seen me on Jim Cramer's TV show.

But today, I'm going public with something I've never said on national air... not in any of my appearances on Fox Business or CNBC.

I'm a little nervous about it...

But I stand behind the big prediction I'm making right now... because I've never been more confident that a strange day I foresee coming to America could make you a great deal of money.

Granted, I've made plenty of controversial calls in my 50-year career. Like when I called the collapse of Priceline.com on Mad Money back in 2012.

Many experts didn't believe me.

But the stock plummeted 100 points overnight, showing a 733% overnight gain on one particular trade. I'm told it was the first time CNBC Mad Money held a reprise the next day.

Today, my newest prediction is even bigger.

In fact, I'm going one step further.

I'm giving away the ticker symbol of the #1 stock to buy now... using the same system that bears my name on every Bloomberg terminal on Wall Street.

Click here to learn the full details.


Marc Chaikin
Founder, Chaikin Analytics

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