Breaking News: Defense Stocks Soar Amid Global Turmoil

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It's been a volatile year for investors. After rallying into the summer, the sell-off in stocks was swift and severe. This was a broad-based sell-off, but it acutely affected tech stocks. Even the Magnificent 7 stocks have been far from magnificent in September and October. 

But tepid indications that the Federal Reserve may be done raising interest rates are causing bond yields to fall and stock prices to rally. Will the rally continue into 2024? It's possible, and that means it's time to look for the right opportunities. 

One of those opportunities is likely to be in the defense sector. 

Many analysts have been touting defense stocks since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. But the artificial intelligence (AI) craze put these stocks on the back burner.  

However, the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel has pushed defense stocks on the front burner and turned up the heat.  

Many of these stocks have been rallying in October 2023 amid investor concerns that the United States may be drawn into a broader entanglement. 

And even if we don't have boots on the ground, the Biden administration is already requesting billions of dollars to support Israel's defense. 

We don't make the headlines; we just help you understand what they mean for your investments. In this case, with many flashpoints now in play, there's a bullish scenario brewing for defense stocks.  

Many of these companies are among the federal government's biggest contractors, with contracts totaling billions of taxpayer dollars. With so much going on in the world, those dollars will only increase, and so will the revenue and earnings of defense contractors.  

That's why you have to be in defense stocks, and here are seven defense stocks that should be on your watchlist right now.  

View the 7 defense stocks you need to buy before 2023 ends

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