Can you see the bullish trade setup?

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It all starts at 7am

I want to show you something…

See those big gray areas?

Those are the premarket trading hours for Tesla's stock.


And buried in the pre-market is one of my favorite buy signals

A signal that can hint at which direction the stock is likely to trade that day…

It all starts with the 7am candle…

I have it circled below…


And as you'll see in this week's free training session, there's something special about this 7am candle and the way it works…

When leveraged the right way, it has tipped me off to the market's most aggressive stock moves, both to the upside and the downside.

And given the choppy markets - I think it makes sense to use this candle on a daily basis…

If you'd like to attend this week's session…

Click this link here and sign up

When you do, you'll be joining Lance Ippolito…

He's coming up from Tampa to sit in on our training session.

See you on the flip side,



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