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"This was a great day to take profits on the long side."

Nate Bear, Lead Technical Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

The indexes are on fire right now!

But in today's video, I explain why I'm pumping the brakes until we see a pullback.

However, I do have one trade setup for you.

This company has earnings coming up, and it has squeezes on multiple charts.

Click the image below to see the trade.

Market Euphoria + Fresh Trade Setup

"Forget diversification. Focus on 1 stock instead."

Nate Presentation

This trader turned $37K into $2.7 million in 4 years. Now see how he's trading with just 1 stock ticker over and over.

Watch Here


Right now, PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD) has a nice squeeze on the 130-minute chart and the daily chart, and it's one of the few bullish names that is not overextended right now. The company has earnings coming up on November 22, and I'd like to buy the November 24 $110 calls on a potential run higher into earnings.

PDD Holdings Chart

(Click to enlarge)

If you'd like to start getting more trade ideas like this in real time, I recommend joining me in Daily Profits Live. Yesterday I closed four winning trades, including a 50% gain on Datadog (DDOG) in three trading days.

Go here to learn more about my mission to turn $37,000 into $1 million in verified trading profits.

P.S. I love answering your questions. It's the best and most rewarding part of my gig. If you have a ticker or chart you want me to break down - or just a general trading question - please email me at feedback@monumenttradersalliance.com. I'll let you know my thoughts on a few submissions in a future video.

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"DDOG Nov 10 2023 $102 Call (Weekly) in this AM at $0.35, out just now at $0.60, 10 contracts [71% gain in three trading days] - thanks Nate!"
- tradeguy

"In both sides [of CSIQ] at $1.44 Out on the open at $2.06 for and overnight gain of 42%. Still holding the call side. Thanks Bryan. Thanks War Room."
- tlee9999



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