Jeffry Turnmire’s BIGGEST edge in the market

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Target 3x the income you're used to!

Have you heard of Jeffry Turnmire’s newest edge on the stock market? 

This guy has a knack for finding strange anomalies hidden in the market.. 

Like his morning gap trade that targets substantial gains in an hour or less. 

Or the market “echo” he discovered that helped him build a 7 figure account back in 2020-2021. 

And how can I forget about the income glitch he uncovered that has maintained a PERFECT win rate for nearly 2 years! 

Those are “hacks” Jeffry has found and he truly believes no one else is taking advantage of them! 

And his recent discovery allows folks to use one asset to target some really juicy income trades! 

I'm talking about gaining 3x the income you're used to! 

Without adding anymore time in the trade, or additional capital! 

Check out Jeffry’s brand new 10-0 strategy here! 


Disclaimers: The above referenced trades are from three of Jeffry’s different trading strategies. Opening Bell Alerts has won 100 of 166 trade alerts since January 2022, with an average trade (winners and losers) of 11.26%. Green Light Income Alerts has issued 60 trades, with 58 winners and two open trades. The average win is 5-7%. His Indicator is a discretionary trading tool and does not maintain a track record. Please keep in mind that all trades are examples of top performers and do not reflect a “typical” result. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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