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Historically low-interest rates have made it difficult over the last decade for income-oriented investors that want to generate safe cash flow for their retirements, but you already know this.

Dividend-paying stocks have become more appealing to income investors because of their competitive yields, the favorite tax treatment that dividends receive, and their ability to grow their payouts over time. While fixed interest rates from bond investments will lose purchasing power to inflation over time, the purchasing power of income from dividend growth stocks is more protected because companies tend to raise their dividend payments every year.

We have put together a list of ten companies that offer strong yields (above 4%), have consistent cash flow, and a strong track record of dividend growth. They have raised their dividend for at least ten consecutive years and have low payout ratios (below 75%), meaning that they will have the ability to continue to pay their dividend if their earnings have a temporary dip.

Stock prices will always fluctuate, but the dividends paid by these rock-solid dividend payers should remain secure with only moderate earnings growth over time.

View Our List of 10 "Rock Solid" Dividend Stocks Here

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Investing in dividend-paying stocks provides a reliable income stream as these stocks distribute a portion of their earnings to shareholders. Dividends offer a consistent source of returns, particularly appealing for income-focused investors seeking stability. Companies with a history of paying dividends often exhibit financial strength and stability. Additionally, reinvesting dividends can accelerate wealth accumulation through compounding. Dividend-paying stocks can also serve as a defensive strategy, providing some cushion during market downturns. Overall, they offer a balance between income generation and potential for capital appreciation, making them attractive for long-term investors seeking a steady and growing income stream.

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