The most important hour of the trading day

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Spoiler: it's before the market even opens!

Do you know which hour of the trading day is the most important?

The most common answer is usually 9:30am…

And while that's a good guess…

It's NOT entirely correct…

In fact, I'd argue the most important hour of the trading day is 7am

You see the 7am hour can tell you everything you need to know for the "regular trading hours"

It can tell you if a stock is likely to head higher or lower that day…

It can tell you if a stock could gap higher or stay flat when the 9:30 bell rings…

Heck, it can even tell you if the stock is likely to sell off when the market opens.

It can basically help you pick the strongest stocks to trade well before the market ever opens.

So, to see how I use the 7am hour to help guide my trading click here.

I'm hosting a free training session called 7am Secrets, where I'll teach all the best trading secrets tied to the most important trading hour of the day.

See you on the flip side,



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