This option trading strategy is 97% accurate

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Fellow Trader,

Have you seen this man?



You're not alone. Most people have never heard of Jim Fink.

But behind his humble demeanor and insistence on personal privacy... is a big secret.

A maverick options trading strategy that has not taken a single loss this year.

In fact, it has a 97% accuracy at hitting winners over the past 8 years!

That's a crazy statistic considering that 80% of option traders lose money.

So how on earth does he do it? (Especially in THIS market.)

Jim has agreed to reveal his personal options technique in a rare, one-on-one interview.

In it, he shares the details of the strategy that enabled him to...

  • Quit the working world and retire early as a multi-millionaire.
  • Turn potentially losing trades into winners, giving him one of the top track records I've ever seen (both on and off Wall Street).
  • Works equally well in both bear and bull markets.

You can access this rare, eye-opening interview here.



Phil Ash


Investing Daily

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