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Oscar Carboni

It's All in the Charts!

Presented by Oscar Carboni

WED • 11/15/23 4:30-5:30 PM (US/New York)
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While most traders look here and there for the latest market-driving news tidbits, I say, 'It's All In The Charts!' A chart is nothing less than a visual 'look' at all the news, government reports, insider movements, and traders' reactions to that information, all built into one static-free, emotion-free picture.

The Daily Chart!

Using The OMNI (Oscar's Market Navigational Indicator) approach to technical analysis, traders can project the next market move about to occur with an eyebrow-raising high degree of accuracy.

Knowing where, why, and how to place a protective stop on either long or short positions is even more critical to a trader than how to spot the next market move. As traders, we know how lightning-fast markets can sometimes make unexpected moves. A trader's stop placement is even more important than deciding where to enter the market.

Join me as I give you a short course on reviewing a chart and how to use it as a road map to the next market move instead of living in a 24-hour news dissemination nightmare.

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About the Presenter.
Born in Manhattan and raised in Staten Island, Michael (Oscar) Carboni stumbled upon the exciting world of commodities trading while a college student visiting his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Lisa, who had just gotten a job on the floor. Soon the lure of big money in the fast-paced, pressure-packed 'pits' (as brilliantly captured in the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd) prompted Oscar to pursue a full-time career on the Commodities Exchange.

Working the floor daily, Oscar took evening classes at the New York Institute of Finance. Under the tutelage of world-renowned analyst John J Murphy, Oscar became a well-respected analyst among his peers and soon started his own successful order execution, trading, and analysis firm. His consistently reliable advice drew attention from investors around the world, and at the request of his clients, Oscar has traveled the world many times to solidify existing and forge new relationships in the international community.

After many years in the pressure cooker floor environment, Oscar combined his technical savvy with his floor experience to create a unique 'hybrid' style of analysis which he has begun to share with the world through his new daily video series 'Short Term Trading with Oscar,' which is available through his website www.futurestraders.com and on Youtube.

Al Lakey

Finding the Right Trading Strategy for You in 2023

Presented by Al Lakey

WED • 11/15/23 12:00-1:00 PM (US/New York)
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Given the hundreds of indicators and strategies available to traders, how do we know which to choose?

Do you want a strategy that allows you to trade several times a day? Week? or year?

Which fits your risk tolerance? Are you willing to take more significant drawdowns in exchange for larger possible returns? Or are you more comfortable with a "Turtle" approach?

This one-hour session will show you how MetaStock's PowerTools will help you find the answers to your questions and reveal the best approaches that fit you and your trading style

You'll discover:

  • Your 'comfort zone' for risk/reward
  • Test results to direct you to the best method that works for your trading style
  • Tools to help you tweak your strategies and compare Stop and Max profit techniques
  • How to focus your technical analysis education around the methods that have worked historically on the stocks you want to trade
  • How to get automated alerts based on the system you select
  • How to scour the market quickly to find only those trades that meet your criteria
  • How to predict probable price movement in a security

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About the Presenter.

Al Lakey has been one of the top sales professionals at MetaStock for over seventeen years. He has worked extensively with traders worldwide and possesses a comprehensive technical knowledge of MetaStock. He focuses on helping traders by taking the time to understand their needs and mentoring them on ways to use MetaStock to identify opportunities based on the way they want to trade.

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