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NOV 14, 2023
This Retailer Is Getting Ready To Shine

Oh boy.

The market got exactly what it wanted today — and it is flying.

Inflation was better-than-expected and bond yields are finally falling.

That’s a double shot of espresso for Bulls.

And there are a lot of stocks sprinting toward breakout points.

Discount retailer TJX is one of those stocks.


Back when we talked about it in October, TJX looked like it might be ready to move.

Now it’s charging toward its $93.78 breakout point.

A break above that level would be an all-time high, and it could lead to a huge run.

We’ll keep an eye on it.

— Scott Welsh
P.S. As a reminder, these plays are based on my longer-term Weinstein Stage Analysis method. The charts above use weekly candles and a 30 week simple moving average. For details on this method, see my explanation on this Ask The Pros episode starting at timestamp 20:45.
Bumpy Ride: Why Now’s The Time To Pay Attention

Have you noticed Bitcoin's wild ride lately? Just this past Friday, it soared to a high of $37,000, only to slide back about 5% since Friday.

But here's the thing: While some folks are wringing their hands in worry, I'm not. Why? Because I see these fluctuations for what they are — opportunities.

See, Bitcoin's recent rally isn't just random; it's fueled by a mix of factors.

For starters, there's buzzing anticipation around the pending approval by the SEC for a slew of Bitcoin spot ETFs. These Exchange-Traded Funds, once approved, could make Bitcoin more accessible to a broader audience, which in turn could boost its value.

Then, there's the upcoming halving event. If history is any guide, this will trigger a price surge as the reward for mining new bitcoins gets cut in half, effectively tightening the supply.

So back to the slump: Despite these tailwinds, Bitcoin dipped. And some investors are in panic mode.

But if you ask me, that’s a narrow view. Zoom out and the bigger picture becomes clear: Bitcoin has been on a stair-step pattern all year — a sharp jump, a slow slump, another jump, and so on…


But don’t miss the forest for the trees: Those who ignored Bitcoin earlier this year missed out on its staggering 112% increase since January 1.

Now, let's talk strategy. The potential upcoming bull run, fueled by the factors we discussed, is something I'm ready for. But just holding Bitcoin isn't my game plan.

See those ups and downs throughout the year? They're not just market noise. They're opportunities to amplify returns.

This is where my 3X strategy comes in. Imagine not just benefiting from Bitcoin's overall growth but also capitalizing on its short-term fluctuations.

This strategy isn't about wildly guessing which way the market will swing next. It's about calculated, informed trading that leverages Bitcoin's volatility to your advantage.

Ready to learn more? It's time to stop watching Bitcoin's rollercoaster from the sidelines. My 3X strategy could be your ticket to not just surviving the ride but thriving on it. Click here to learn more.

— Jeffry Turnmire


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