Why this is one of the only ways I trade

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It’s harder to lose

Hey traders,

As I write this, we’re counting down less than 24 minutes until the market closes today, Friday, November 17th.

And I’m getting ready to do my weekly happy dance.

Because earlier this week, I — along with members of my Weekly Options Profits program — placed a trade that is firmly out-of-the-money.

As long as AVGO closes above $915 today, we’re golden.

And with AVGO currently hovering around $980, there’s next to zero chance that this trade will close in-the-money.

When you’re standing where I am, out-of-the-money is the best place to be.

But wait. Out-of-the-money… Isn’t that bad?

Well, it’s only bad if you’re an options buyer.

See — the way I like to trade, means we turn the tables and become options sellers.

And that means that every time an option expires out-of-the-money, we keep the full premium.

It’s a brilliant way to trade… and I came about learning that lesson in the most painful way.

But I’ll have to save that story for next time, though…

For now… If you were in the trade with me, crack open a beer or light up a cigar and celebrate…

Maybe you can even drop me a line and tell me how you did: Support@JackCarterTrading.com

And if you weren’t in the trade with us… Don’t worry. We do this every single week.

And that means that when Tuesday rolls around, we’re going to be opening up a whole new trade…

With the same high probability to close out-of-the-money just like this one did.

Click here to find out how we do it.

And maybe next week you’ll be doing the happy dance along with me.

Trade well,

Jack Carter


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