This Emerging Biotech Company Could One Day Give Ozempic a Run for Its Money

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Meet the biotech company going under Wall Street's radar that could have a better answer than Semaglutide for the obesity treatment market!

The commotion over mega-blockbuster drugs Ozempic and Wegovy (Semaglutide) has made tremendous headlines in 2023. Celebrities, athletes, and regular people have been turning to these drugs to lose weight.  These medicines have helped to turn Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk into a $400B company!  Novo Nordisk's share price has more than quadrupled in the past five years, making it Europe's most valuable company by market cap. However, studies have found that semaglutide leads to a significant decrease in fat-free mass (aka muscle mass) compared with a placebo. Furthermore, because this drug is focused on reducing appetite, if patients go off the drug their food consumption increases and they readily regain weight. One little-known biotech company has a potential treatment that could blow Ozempic and Wegovy out of the water!

It's called a next-generation CB1 inhibitor and it uses a different mechanism to achieve important, long-lasting impacts on weight and related conditions such as kidney diseases! Biotech observers believe there are numerous opportunities for differentiated and improved therapeutic outcomes in the burgeoning weight loss and cardiometabolic space. Could there be potential here for this company to play a strong role in this emerging future? Big pharma is seeing the appeal of CB1 receptors: Recent acquisitions highlight interest in the ECS: Jazz Pharmaceuticals/GW Pharmaceuticals/epilepsy - $7.2B (2021); Horizon/Zynerba/Fragile X drug – up to $200M (2023); in 2023, the largest seller of drugs used for weight loss, Novo Nordisk, acquired Inversago Pharma and its peripheral CB1-inhibiting drug (with only Phase 1 data) for up to $1.075 billion.

Backed by leading biotech venture investors, learn how this company is excitingly bringing back potential for CB1 receptors to change the medical landscape. This biotech company may not be under the radar much longer!

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