Did you know about this FTNT profit date?

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What if I told you that EVERY February 1st, Fortinet stock (FTNT) has gone up without fail over the last decade… Year after

year after year on the stock…

And here’s how some of the top options winners did…

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Now this past year, I thought for sure this winning streak would have come to an end for FTNT…

Back in February… It was a punishing time to be long any stock…

The S&P just hit the upper channel of the bear market… And looked primed for a pullback…

But even with the S&P 500 falling… That didn’t phase Fortinet one bit.

Because this stock was… ON THE CLOCK!

It lit up on our proprietary system telling us that there was a February 1st Profit Window on FTNT…

And when February 1st hit… FTNT went on a run

And folks, it probably would have only taken you two minutes to enter the trade…

Then two minutes to exit.

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All the best,

Graham Lindman

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