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This second-chance offer closes at midnight, no exceptions!
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I wouldn't usually reach out again since access to Weekly Options Trader closed yesterday and I had no intention of opening it up again... at least not for the deal I've been offering...

But we got a couple emails from traders that saw the email just a little too late, so this morning, I instructed my team to keep the links alive for ONE more day. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, this offer is closed.

Just a reminder, you'll receive up to 4 trade recommendations each month, each targeting 100% gains.

Just take a look at what current subscribers have realized in the past few months alone:

  • 154.5% GAIN on Carvana Company calls
  • 140.5% GAIN on IBM calls
  • 198.9% GAIN on PayPal Holdings Inc. puts
  • 143% GAIN on PayPal Holdings Inc. puts
  • 268.6% GAIN on Coinbase Global calls

Those sound nice, right? But enough of the talking, you have a decision to make...

Weekly Options Trader is normally $249 per month. But as you may be aware, you can receive your first month for only $15.

Plus, you'll never have to pay the standard price. For as long as you're subscribed to Weekly Options Trader, you'll receive a discounted monthly fee of $79.

Our next hot weekly wonder could be released at any moment. Please click the button below and secure your spot on our recipient list before it's too late.

 Access Weekly Options Trader 


Bernie Schaeffer
Founder & CEO
Schaeffer's Investment Research
1-513-589-3800 International

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Trader, before I go into any detail, I want to point this out really quick...

This is strictly for traders that want to make QUICK triple-digit gains... and if this is not you then you don't need to read any further...

But, if this sounds interesting to you and you would like to finish out Q1 with some solid wins in your portfolio, this is the best opportunity to fall into your lap.

Right now, whether you're watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or you're just watching charts... the information is all the same... we're in a pretty uncertain period as we dive deeper into the election year...

Companies are continuing to release their earnings reports, and Trump faces hurdles in securing appeal bond for his fraud case which leaves the direction of the market quite uncertain... How will it affect the Presidential race? Will comments from any candidate send the market swinging?

Because of these events, we're seeing a lot of ups and downs in the market, both with single stocks and with traditional asset classes like the S&P 500. It seems a lot of investors may "sit this one out."

And I totally understand, no need exposing yourself right off the bat, you can always continue the play after the election year is over...

While feeling the urge to pull out of the market to protect your portfolio may sound like a good idea... you're actually missing out on INSANE profit opportunities. Here's why...

As options traders, while we can make money all year round, and that's literally the best part about trading options... one of the best windows to make the most money from the market are periods of intense uncertainty, and periods of volatility, why?

Because in times like this, it becomes incredibly easy to find short-term plays, capitalize on them, take profits quickly, and move out.

And with the strategy used in Weekly Options Trader, we've been able to take advantage of any market environment... and for our current subscribers, they will be making a TRUCKLOAD of money in the next few months.

When most traders are shaking in their boots before placing any trades... our subscribers place trades with confidence.

I'm more of 'actions speak louder than words' kind of guy, so here's a small list of recent winners' subscribers to Weekly Options Traders have enjoyed:

  • 154.5% GAIN on Carvana Company calls
  • 140.5% GAIN on IBM calls
  • 198.9% GAIN on PayPal Holdings Inc. puts
  • 143% GAIN on PayPal Holdings Inc. puts
  • 268.6% GAIN on Coinbase Global calls

Let's break down that Coinbase Global winner that recently closed out. If you were to purchase 5 contracts for $2,835, you'd be sitting on $7,614 in PURE PROFIT!

We've been able to build a sustainable strategy that focuses on what matters most: giving you the window to get in quickly, take as many profits as possible, and jump right out before anyone even notices.

As a subscriber to Weekly Options Trader, you'll receive up to 4 trade recommendations per month, each targeting 100% gains in as little as 7 days!

And with the current market climate we're all seeing and based on what my analysts tell me... the next couple of months might be some of the biggest gain realizations we've recently seen... and we're primed and ready to take advantage of it.

The question is, are you?

With this strategy, you may find yourself making a year's worth of bull-market gains in a couple of weeks or even days, while also ensuring smoother transactions, minimizing slippage, and enhancing the efficiency of your trading strategy.

I could go on and on about the gains our Weekly Options Traders have generated in the last few months...

But I don't have to, because as you can clearly see, the market's behavior is completely irrelevant to our profits.

All you need is a time-tested proven strategy to dissect and analyze each and every market move and capitalize on short-term trends and plays...giving you a strong indication of where any particular trend is going...and the exact positioning to profit off this move.

That's exactly what you get with the Weekly Options Trader.

Before I tell you how to get in on this strategy, I must make it clear from the outset that this service is not for everyone.

For one thing, it's a serious strategy for active investors. It uses our unique proprietary strategy based on specific short-term market trends.

Something else you need to consider...

This strategy is trading in its purest form. There's no "buy-and-hold" here.

When a ticker is ready to make a move, you'll need to get positioned quickly in the correct put or call option and ride it until the fervor fades.

When the ride is over, we'll tell you to get out in real-time with whatever profits you may have.

Sometimes you'll be rewarded with a 2.7% gain in a matter of weeks - like the gains Toast Inc. produced. At other times you'll make 268.6% gains like our trade on Coinbase Global.

My point is that Weekly Options Trader requires the right mindset and patience.

As long as you follow the trade recommendations sent out every month, and place them when the timing is right, as we'll tell you, this service offers you a safe way to profit.

As a subscriber to Weekly Options Trader, you'll know that my team and I are constantly monitoring the market...each and every trading day...waiting for the exact timing to make a move.

Once we get a strong signal, you can be sure I'll get to the bottom of what's happening...research every conceivable reason as to why the ticker or option pair is due for a big move.

If everything adds up - you can profit...just as many Weekly Options Trader subscribers have done in the past.

I have no reason to believe this remarkably simple strategy is about to stop dropping these powerful gains anytime soon.

So, if you're interested, I'd like to invite you to join our exclusive group of subscribers...

Understand that a trading strategy this powerful and exclusive does not come cheap. If you head to our website, you'd see this service has a subscription fee of $249 per month.

That's NOTHING when you learn how to make fast profits ranging from 2% to 268% (as we've seen before), all in a safe and consistent manner, simply by following our instructions.

But today, you won't have to pay anywhere near the standard price...

Claim 94% Off — Only 50 Spots Available!

For a very limited time only, you can subscribe to your first month for only $15!

PLUS... Remember the part where I said subscribers pay '$249 per month' to keep their subscription active … well today, that doesn't apply to you...

Meaning, after your first month is up... you'll continue to receive a discounted monthly rate of $79 for as long as you stay subscribed to Weekly Options Trader. Never pay the full price again!

If you want in, just click the button below where it'll take you to our secure checkout page.

 Secure Your Subscription 

I hope to see your name on our distribution list - our next hot trade could be released at any moment.


Bernie Schaeffer
Founder & CEO
Schaeffer's Investment Research
1-513-589-3800 International

5151 Pfeiffer Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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Although there is significant profit potential associated with buying options, there is also the risk of losing one's entire investment in any individual trade. In any option buying approach, it is expected that losing trades will be more numerous than winning trades. The goal is for the average gain to be significantly greater than the average loss so that the bottom line is profitable. Prior to purchase, ensure that you have a broker that allows the trading of options and that you are approved to trade options.

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