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Dear Loyal Reader,

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Sometimes, Mr. Market hands us an opportunity that’s too good to resist.

And this is exactly the kind of situation I’m writing about today.

See, as we speak – specific factors are coming together to create a true, once-in-a-generation opportunity...

In the single most important sector in the market...


Right now – the traders who determine oil and gas prices must be in a bad mood...

Because they’ve mercilessly beaten down oil and gas prices the past few months.

In September, heading into the winter months, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate was trading for more than $93.

Now, the price is a bit more than $70 per barrel. 

I’m not really concerned about “why” oil prices are down right now – there are myriad reasons to choose from.

What I'm seeing is an incredible opportunity to get ahead of an exciting new mega trend in energy.

My research reveals one undeniable truth – that despite temporary downturns in prices – the oil and gas market is heading into a years-long expansion.

It’s simple supply and demand...

Global demand is increasing every day... yet supply will never be able to keep up.

And I believe it's only a matter of time before Mr. Market gets his act together and recognizes that energy prices are likely headed back up in the very near future...

This means, for us, that this mismatch between temporary prices and real global demand is giving us a rare chance to beat Wall Street to the punch.

And I’ve uncovered a little-known oil and gas company perfectly positioned to reap immense rewards as prices begin heading higher.

Because this little-known firm has a HUGE competitive advantage:

Thanks to one move by the CEO...

This company can now generate up to 5 times more money than any other competitor ... for the same energy...

By selling it in a market other oil and gas companies can’t compete in.

Five times MORE money.

But most importantly, for you, is that...

My story continues here...

Right now, Wall Street can’t touch shares of this tiny company – at least not yet. Meaning you could be positioned in this $5 stock BEFORE the Wall Street giants wake up to what’s really going on.

I'll show you exactly how in my special presentation.

Turn Your Images On
Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

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