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U.S. Insider Buying for Friday, February 9
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
ADVM Adverum BiotechnologiesJames Paul Scopa DirectorBuy100,000 shares @ $1.35$135,000.002/7/2024$1.99right arrow
AON AONLester B Knight DirectorBuy50,000 shares @ $301.97$15,098,500.002/7/2024$310.03right arrow
BERY Berry Global GroupPeter T Thomas DirectorBuy2,000 shares @ $56.00$112,000.002/8/2024$58.67right arrow
CLSD Clearside BiomedicalBradford T Whitmore Major ShareholderBuy444,444 shares @ $1.35$599,999.402/7/2024$1.38right arrow
JSPR Jasper TherapeuticsVelan Capital Investment Manag Major ShareholderBuy350,000 shares @ $12.95$4,532,500.002/8/2024$17.05right arrow
KREF KKR Real Estate Finance TrustMatthew A Salem CEOBuy26,000 shares @ $9.72$252,720.002/8/2024$9.54right arrow
NYCB New York Community BancorpPeter Schoels DirectorBuy100,000 shares @ $4.15$415,000.002/9/2024$4.90right arrow
NYCB New York Community BancorpLee Matthew Smith EVPBuy25,000 shares @ $4.05$101,250.002/9/2024$4.90right arrow
NYCB New York Community BancorpAlessandro Dinello ChairmanBuy50,000 shares @ $4.19$209,500.002/9/2024$4.90right arrow

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U.S. Insider Selling for Friday, February 9
CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellSharesTotal TransactionTransaction DateCurrent PriceSEC Filing
AFG American Financial GroupMichelle A Gillis SVPSell5,176 shares @ $121.00$626,296.002/8/2024$122.62right arrow
ALGN Align TechnologyEmory Wright EVPSell2,524 shares @ $287.45$725,523.802/7/2024$302.44right arrow
ALTG Alta Equipment GroupB. Riley Financial, Inc. Major ShareholderSell2,757,308 shares @ $11.00$30,330,388.002/7/2024$11.59right arrow
AMP Ameriprise FinancialWalter Stanley Berman CFOSell13,346 shares @ $387.81$5,175,712.262/7/2024$397.37right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comDouglas J Herrington CEOSell20,200 shares @ $169.99$3,433,798.002/7/2024$172.34right arrow
AMZN Amazon.comJeffrey P Bezos InsiderSell5,998,849 shares @ $170.16$1,020,764,145.842/7/2024$172.34right arrow
ANET Arista NetworksJohn F Mccool InsiderSell420 shares @ $266.08$111,753.602/7/2024$281.14right arrow
APAM Artisan Partners Asset ManagementGregory K Ramirez EVPSell2,500 shares @ $42.28$105,700.002/8/2024$43.38right arrow
APH AmphenolCraig A Lampo CFOSell100,000 shares @ $104.67$10,467,000.002/8/2024$105.03right arrow
APH AmphenolLance E D'amico VPSell15,000 shares @ $104.75$1,571,250.002/8/2024$105.03right arrow
ARDX ArdelyxDavid P Rosenbaum InsiderSell15,344 shares @ $9.18$140,857.922/8/2024$9.73right arrow
AVY Avery DennisonJulia A Stewart DirectorSell5,311 shares @ $202.26$1,074,202.862/7/2024$206.81right arrow
BK Bank of New York MellonCatherine Keating VPSell4,498 shares @ $54.81$246,535.382/8/2024$55.62right arrow
BLK BlackRockChristopher J Meade General CounselSell3,100 shares @ $793.86$2,460,966.002/7/2024$801.76right arrow
BX BlackstoneJoseph Baratta DirectorSell28,852 shares @ $128.05$3,694,498.602/9/2024$130.12right arrow
BX BlackstoneJohn G Finley InsiderSell49,000 shares @ $127.93$6,268,570.002/8/2024$130.12right arrow
CARR Carrier GlobalDavid L Gitlin CEOSell354,539 shares @ $54.16$19,201,832.242/8/2024$56.04right arrow
CARR Carrier GlobalKevin J O'connor VPSell26,551 shares @ $53.77$1,427,647.272/8/2024$56.04right arrow
CI The Cigna GroupHoeltzel Mary T Agoglia SVPSell4,867 shares @ $330.48$1,608,446.162/7/2024$337.25right arrow
CMG Chipotle Mexican GrillRoger E Theodoredis InsiderSell898 shares @ $2,622.25$2,354,780.502/8/2024$2,611.50right arrow
COIN Coinbase GlobalFrederick Ernest Ehrsam III DirectorSell82,130 shares @ $119.73$9,833,424.902/7/2024$147.31right arrow
COR CencoraWalgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. Major ShareholderSell4,212,395 shares @ $235.41$991,639,906.952/7/2024$229.96right arrow
CRUS Cirrus LogicAndrew Brannan VPSell3,250 shares @ $94.00$305,500.002/8/2024$92.14right arrow
CRVL CorVelSteven J Hamerslag DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $239.95$479,900.002/8/2024$248.76right arrow
DKNG DraftKingsR Stanton Dodge InsiderSell686,101 shares @ $43.06$29,543,509.062/8/2024$43.61right arrow
EA Electronic ArtsLuis A. Ubinas DirectorSell4,872 shares @ $136.84$666,684.482/7/2024$137.55right arrow
ELV Elevance HealthRamiro G Peru DirectorSell753 shares @ $500.00$376,500.002/7/2024$505.21right arrow
EQH EquitableNick Lane InsiderSell20,000 shares @ $34.02$680,400.002/7/2024$34.09right arrow
ETN EatonErnest W Marshall Jr InsiderSell19,750 shares @ $273.17$5,395,107.502/7/2024$274.05right arrow
EVLV Evolv TechnologiesMichael Ellenbogen InsiderSell54,873 shares @ $5.04$276,559.922/8/2024$5.65right arrow
EWTX Edgewise TherapeuticsJohn R. Moore General CounselSell17,993 shares @ $20.00$359,860.002/7/2024$18.95right arrow
EWTX Edgewise TherapeuticsJohn R. Moore General CounselSell8,029 shares @ $20.01$160,660.292/9/2024$18.95right arrow
EXPO ExponentEric Guyer InsiderSell3,367 shares @ $78.49$264,275.832/9/2024$78.72right arrow
FBP First BanCorp.Michael Mcdonald EVPSell57,600 shares @ $17.34$998,784.001/30/2024$16.97right arrow
FRSH FreshworksRoxanne S Austin DirectorSell6,303 shares @ $21.54$135,766.622/9/2024$21.58right arrow
GFF GriffonJames W Sight DirectorSell2,000 shares @ $67.38$134,760.002/8/2024$67.95right arrow
GGG GracoAnthony J Gargano InsiderSell1,395 shares @ $88.00$122,760.002/9/2024$88.11right arrow
GWW W.W. GraingerPaige K Robbins VPSell3,122 shares @ $950.22$2,966,586.842/7/2024$947.21right arrow
HLT Hilton WorldwideChristopher J Nassetta InsiderSell21,489 shares @ $195.68$4,204,967.522/8/2024$193.57right arrow
HQY HealthEquityDelano Ladd EVPSell2,499 shares @ $80.00$199,920.002/9/2024$80.43right arrow
HUBB HubbellMark Eugene Mikes InsiderSell1,045 shares @ $357.56$373,650.202/7/2024$359.82right arrow
ICE Intercontinental ExchangeElizabeth Kathryn King InsiderSell3,783 shares @ $132.03$499,469.492/8/2024$135.49right arrow
ICE Intercontinental ExchangeJames W Namkung CAOSell1,182 shares @ $132.03$156,059.462/8/2024$135.49right arrow
IDXX IDEXX LaboratoriesBrian P Mckeon CFOSell23,326 shares @ $570.01$13,296,053.262/7/2024$565.56right arrow
IDXX IDEXX LaboratoriesJonathan Jay Mazelsky CEOSell12,000 shares @ $572.61$6,871,320.002/7/2024$565.56right arrow
IDXX IDEXX LaboratoriesGeorge Fennell SVPSell8,198 shares @ $573.87$4,704,586.262/8/2024$565.56right arrow
ITI IterisSamjo Management, Llc Major ShareholderSell72,000 shares @ $5.36$385,920.002/8/2024$5.32right arrow
KellanovaKellogg W K Foundation Trust Major ShareholderSell77,800 shares @ $53.62$4,171,636.002/9/2024$54.65right arrow
KYMR Kymera TherapeuticsJared Gollob InsiderSell46,137 shares @ $35.50$1,637,863.502/9/2024$36.41right arrow
LoewsJonathan M Tisch InsiderSell4,287 shares @ $71.91$308,278.172/8/2024$73.10right arrow
LEA LearRaymond E Scott CEOSell10,652 shares @ $132.86$1,415,224.722/9/2024$137.44right arrow
LFUS LittelfuseRyan K Stafford EVPSell1,932 shares @ $243.62$470,673.842/8/2024$248.25right arrow
LKFN Lakeland FinancialStephanie R Leniski SVPSell2,560 shares @ $63.17$161,715.202/7/2024$67.11right arrow
LPRO Open LendingJohn Joseph Flynn DirectorSell50,000 shares @ $7.25$362,500.002/7/2024$7.76right arrow
MLI Mueller IndustriesJohn B Hansen DirectorSell5,000 shares @ $49.33$246,650.002/8/2024$50.18right arrow
MLI Mueller IndustriesJeffrey Andrew Martin CFOSell47,280 shares @ $49.25$2,328,540.002/8/2024$50.18right arrow
MLNK MeridianLinkTimothy Nguyen DirectorSell1,657,246 shares @ $18.29$30,311,029.342/9/2024$19.12right arrow
MORN MorningstarJoseph D Mansueto ChairmanSell7,470 shares @ $277.23$2,070,908.102/7/2024$282.67right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsDeming Xiao InsiderSell859 shares @ $680.00$584,120.002/8/2024$729.87right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsMichael Hsing CEOSell2,790 shares @ $680.00$1,897,200.002/8/2024$729.87right arrow
MPWR Monolithic Power SystemsTheodore Blegen CFOSell728 shares @ $680.00$495,040.002/8/2024$729.87right arrow
MSTR MicroStrategyJarrod M. Patten DirectorSell400 shares @ $638.39$255,356.002/9/2024$717.52right arrow
NET CloudflareCarl Ledbetter DirectorSell7,962 shares @ $81.42$648,266.042/7/2024$105.64right arrow
NMIH NMIBradley M Shuster ChairmanSell6,559 shares @ $29.81$195,523.792/9/2024$30.42right arrow
NOVT NovantaRobert Buckley CFOSell1,500 shares @ $160.23$240,345.002/7/2024$166.29right arrow
NVR NVRPaul C Saville ChairmanSell500 shares @ $7,392.07$3,696,035.002/7/2024$7,616.11right arrow
PCOR Procore TechnologiesNanci Caldwell DirectorSell9,270 shares @ $75.00$695,250.002/9/2024$73.27right arrow
PCOR Procore TechnologiesBenjamin C Singer InsiderSell8,000 shares @ $75.00$600,000.002/9/2024$73.27right arrow
PRCT PROCEPT BioRoboticsKevin Waters CFOSell28,677 shares @ $50.09$1,436,430.932/9/2024$50.52right arrow
PRCT PROCEPT BioRoboticsAlaleh Nouri EVPSell5,306 shares @ $49.95$265,034.702/7/2024$50.52right arrow
PRCT PROCEPT BioRoboticsAlaleh Nouri EVPSell14,694 shares @ $49.97$734,259.182/9/2024$50.52right arrow
PRGS Progress SoftwareSundar Subramanian EVPSell2,475 shares @ $57.38$142,015.502/9/2024$56.72right arrow
QTWO Q2Matthew P Flake CEOSell45,000 shares @ $41.76$1,879,200.002/7/2024$43.76right arrow
QTWO Q2Matthew P Flake CEOSell33,767 shares @ $42.93$1,449,617.312/9/2024$43.76right arrow
REGN Regeneron PharmaceuticalsJoseph J Larosa EVPSell1,000 shares @ $950.00$950,000.002/7/2024$947.06right arrow
RNR RenaissanceReRobert Qutub CFOSell2,500 shares @ $234.56$586,400.002/7/2024$226.25right arrow
ROIV Roivant SciencesEric Venker COOSell96,950 shares @ $10.92$1,058,694.002/9/2024$10.87right arrow
RXRX Recursion PharmaceuticalsChristopher Gibson CEOSell48,272 shares @ $9.22$445,067.842/7/2024$10.94right arrow
SentinelOneTomer Weingarten CEOSell47,365 shares @ $28.97$1,372,164.052/8/2024$29.71right arrow
SentinelOneDavid J Bernhardt CFOSell34,021 shares @ $30.03$1,021,650.632/9/2024$29.71right arrow
SEIC SEI InvestmentsWayne Withrow EVPSell16,970 shares @ $66.16$1,122,735.202/7/2024$67.20right arrow
SEM Select MedicalRobert A Ortenzio ChairmanSell50,000 shares @ $26.00$1,300,000.002/8/2024$26.86right arrow
SKX Skechers U.S.A.Mark A Nason EVPSell6,432 shares @ $58.83$378,394.562/9/2024$59.34right arrow
SKX Skechers U.S.A.David Weinberg COOSell67,390 shares @ $57.87$3,899,859.302/8/2024$59.34right arrow
SKX Skechers U.S.A.Robert Greenberg CEOSell99,139 shares @ $57.87$5,737,173.932/8/2024$59.34right arrow
SNEX StoneX GroupScott J Branch DirectorSell7,500 shares @ $63.87$479,025.002/7/2024$67.33right arrow
SNOW SnowflakeFrank Slootman CEOSell86,078 shares @ $225.13$19,378,740.142/8/2024$232.08right arrow
TEAM AtlassianMichael Cannon-Brookes CEOSell8,241 shares @ $213.49$1,759,371.092/8/2024$216.17right arrow
TENB TenableLinda Kay Zecher DirectorSell2,600 shares @ $50.75$131,950.002/9/2024$50.65right arrow
TT Trane TechnologiesKeith A Sultana SVPSell1,983 shares @ $272.26$539,891.582/8/2024$271.92right arrow
TWST Twist BioscienceRobert Chess DirectorSell4,110 shares @ $34.98$143,767.802/8/2024$40.61right arrow
TYRA Tyra BiosciencesDaniel Bensen COOSell9,587 shares @ $18.09$173,428.832/7/2024$19.38right arrow
VRNS Varonis SystemsDov Gottlieb VPSell43,091 shares @ $48.02$2,069,229.822/8/2024$49.96right arrow
VRNS Varonis SystemsGuy Melamed CFOSell188,503 shares @ $49.88$9,402,529.642/8/2024$49.96right arrow
VRNS Varonis SystemsOfer Segev DirectorSell5,000 shares @ $52.13$260,650.002/9/2024$49.96right arrow
WCC WESCO InternationalNelson John Squires III EVPSell3,490 shares @ $190.00$663,100.002/8/2024$192.52right arrow

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Top Insider-Buying Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares PurchasedTotal Cost of Shares PurchasedNumber of Insider PurchasesNumber of Insiders BuyingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
COLB Columbia Banking System35,133$719,737.0077$19.41Hold$24.13right arrow
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp2,607$108,798.0085$40.75$0.00right arrow
YORW York Water357$13,105.0055$37.23$0.00right arrow
CGON CG Oncology666,472$12,662,968.0044$43.74$0.00right arrow
AKTS Akoustis Technologies1,500,000$750,000.0044$0.73Hold$1.92right arrow
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners2,411$5,304.0044$2.26$0.00right arrow
NYCB New York Community Bancorp186,310$775,627.0044$4.90Reduce$8.29right arrow
PCSA Processa Pharmaceuticals41,500$105,895.0044$2.48Moderate Buy$70.00right arrow
OPK OPKO Health3,080,000$2,980,200.0053$1.04Buy$3.85right arrow
DC Dakota Gold18,737$39,700.0043$2.13$0.00right arrow

Top Insider-Selling Stocks (Last 30 Days)
CompanyShares SoldTotal Cost of Shares SoldNumber of Insider SalesNumber of Insiders SellingCurrent Share PriceMarketBeat Consensus RatingMarketBeat Consensus Price TargetRead More
APLS Apellis Pharmaceuticals45,852$3,004,724.00137$67.75Moderate Buy$74.73right arrow
BLFS BioLife Solutions11,053$185,366.0077$18.82Buy$24.60right arrow
SAIA Saia25,887$13,956,170.0077$560.40Moderate Buy$468.89right arrow
TRV Travelers Companies109,775$23,343,903.0097$214.77Hold$201.38right arrow
TWO Two Harbors Investment38,282$494,908.00116$12.85Hold$14.63right arrow
TVTX Travere Therapeutics47,976$419,409.00106$8.86Moderate Buy$17.92right arrow
SLB Schlumberger115,941$5,906,322.0066$48.14Buy$70.67right arrow
PHR Phreesia9,147$225,031.0066$28.80Moderate Buy$33.69right arrow
PRGS Progress Software75,449$4,307,991.0086$56.72Moderate Buy$64.40right arrow
CBSH Commerce Bancshares8,707$458,233.0066$51.81Hold$53.17right arrow

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