New institutional-grade trading software (pics inside)

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Watch it nail this trade on Google in action!
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What you see here is a daily chart of Google using the ProTrader Dashboard

While it looks complex, it’s actually quite straightforward to use. 

All you have to do is wait for a green or red arrow 30 minutes after the market opens for your entry signal.


If you can handle that… You’re already halfway there!

Because all that’s next is knowing when to exit the trade.


That way you’re never left trading without a plan! 

And it works the exact same way when you get a sell signal too!

With the ProTrader Dashboard in your back pocket, the days of trading blind are OVER.

Now since you’re reading this email right now… 

There’s still time to unlock the ProTrader Dashboard for personal use. 

But you have to hurry because spots are limited and the last time we checked there were not many left! 

Click here to watch the ProTrader Dashboard training session for free

All the best,

Graham Lindman

*The profits and performance shown are not typical, we make no future earnings claims and you may lose money. The alerts expressed are trades Roger published in real time using the ProTrader Dashboard in his VIP room over the summer. There were bigger winners, there were smaller winners, and there were losers. Trade at your own risk.

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