Take a look at this bright blue candle...

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Take a look at this bright blue candle:
If you can spot that on a chart, your trading is about to change forever.

Because that blue candle is a tell tale sign that one of the 9 Apex Stocks is about to make what should be a big move.
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Look how it’s been firing on Nvidia since Jan of 2023…
Each time that bright blue candle shows up, it means this new indicator is expecting a big move from one of the world’s top stocks.

And that’s important because it’s not guessing whether some $3 stock could go up with 50/50 accuracy.

This indicator is uniquely designed to spot the most significant moves in the top stocks out there (and according to our backtesting it has historically nailed  these moves with a stunning 90% accuracy).

Now, most folks have been saying NVDA is way overbought or overpriced. They didn’t want to “buy at the top” 6 weeks ago… Or again 4 weeks ago… or again 2 weeks ago…

And it’s not their fault! That’s what all the talking heads were saying too. 

But the Apex Indicator would have clearly shown that these were opportunities to buy.

And, sure enough, Nvidia slammed through the recommended targets again and again.

But it’s not just NVDA. Look at Microsoft:

Can you imagine buying on each of those signals? (100% win rate in 2023).

Or we could look at LLY, another Apex Stock.

And, once again, these blue candles highlight some extraordinary moves.

The key is that they only fire when one of the top stocks on the planet is poised for what could be an exceptional move.

Because Graham realized that only a handful of stocks out there actually generate consistent wealth.

In fact, over the last 100+ years… Just 4% of stocks have generated the vast majority of wealth for investors while 96% of stocks have underperformed!

That means 96% of stocks have been losers since the Great Depression!

And it’s precisely why this new indicator is locked into only the Apex Stocks… Because simply focusing on proven winners (especially with a pattern that has shown the ability to win 90% of the time) might be the single biggest advantage any trader can get.

If you’re ready to see exactly how this breakthrough tool works…

Join me on Monday, Feb 12th @ 1pm for the world premiere of the Apex Indicator
I’ll see you there,

Graham Lindman

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