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My Exclusive “All Stars” Trading Group
Alright I don't have much time here… 

But I wanted to formally invite you to my “All Stars” trading group

Not only will you get to trade everything alongside me… 

And talk every single day… 

But you will be among the first to hear my next BIG prediction! 

Like my 2024 Forecast. 

Unlock the next steps to join the “All Stars” group here! 

I will even show you my 2024 Forecast while we're there. 

Hope you enjoy, 
 Disclaimer: The above referenced trades are from four of Jeffry’s different trading strategies. Opening Bell Alerts has won 100 of 166 trade alerts since January 2022, with an average trade (winners and losers) of 11.26%. Green Light Income Alerts has issued 72 trades with 72 winners, and 0 open trades. The average win is 7.72%. Crypto Unleashed has issued four trades with two winners so far. His indicator is a discretionary trading tool and does not maintain a track record. Please keep in mind that all trades are examples of top performers and do not reflect “typical” results. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. 

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