Your Premium Trade Alerts (Feb 11)

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Open Email...Your Options Trades Ideas (Around Earnings Announcements) Inside
Your Premium Trade Alerts


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Dear Fellow Trader,
I hope this trading day has been good to you! I am sending you trade ideas for tomorrow. So you can have enough time to take action on our trades ideas.

Not Your Boring "Buy and Hold" Trading System
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Options Trade Ideas (Volatility Rush Strategy)
The basic option trade idea is to buy an at-the-money straddle while the options premium is cheap.
In assessing this trade, you need to do your homework to ensure you are not paying too much for the straddle.
As the earnings date approaches, the implied volatility (IV) should increase, resulting in greater price movement.
However, be aware that you should close your position before the announcement comes out in order to maximize your profit potential. That's because once earnings are released, IV will fall dramatically, which will greatly reduce your opportunity to profit on the trade.
The stocks (with Weekly Options) below are announcing earnings in next few weeks. Our proprietary volatility algorithm suggests these stocks are likely to experience high volatility as earnings day approaches.
Symbol CompanyEarning DatePredicted Volatility *
OPEN02/15 After Market Close 11%
DDOG02/15 Before Market Open 11%
DKNG02/15 Before Market Open 8%
COIN02/20 After Market Close 7%
SABR02/21 Before Market Open 8%
DPZ02/22 Before Market Open 6%
MNKD02/22 Before Market Open 6%
NTNX02/28 After Market Close 9%
NVDA02/28 Before Market Open 5%
BBY02/29 Before Market Open 6%
BILI03/07 Before Market Open 9%
FFIE03/13 After Market Close 10%
DOCU03/14 After Market Close 11%
NKE03/19 After Market Close 5%
GME03/19 Before Market Open 7%
HUYA03/19 Before Market Open 7%
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sun Before Market Opensun After Market Close

*Predicted Volatility % based on our Proprietary Volatility Predication Model. We are expecting that stock price will likely to reach % in either direction by the end of next trading session after Earnings are released and not necessarily the closing volatility %.

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