A letter is coming from the "Bureau of the Fiscal Service".

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Watch Your Mailbox For This Strange Package

Look out for a letter from the "Bureau of the Fiscal Service".

That's the branch of the Treasury Department that pays out social security benefits... issues tax refunds... and paid out stimulus checks during the pandemic.

And right now, it's rolling out a radical new technology that could have a big impact on your bank account and retirement income.

This technology has the full backing of the White House and Federal Reserve.

And 41 banks, including JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and BNY Mellon, are already rolling it out.

If yours isn't one of them... it likely soon will be.

That means you only have a short window of time to prepare for these changes – and to position yourself to capitalize as the rollout accelerates.

Here are the three moves to make immediately, before your bank adopts this new technology.


Eric Wade
Editor, Stansberry Innovations Report


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