41 banks launch ‘crypto dollar’

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Dear Reader,

Everyone knows the US financial system is in the middle of a radical change...

The White House wants an all-digital dollar.

The SEC has given major financial institutions the green light to shift their assets into digital assets, like bitcoin

And overseas, countries like China, Russia and Brazil are plotting the death of the dollar, by building a new currency using crypto technology.

So it's what's coming next that's going to take millions of Americans by surprise.

It involves a directive issued by the Federal Reserve...

Plus at least 41 major banks (see if your bank is one of them right here).

Put simply, the financial elite are quietly planning to bring crypto technology into the heart of the US financial system.

It's a move that could have some huge implications for everyone.

It'll impact how you access your savings... pay your taxes... even how you get paid your social security in retirement.

Here's how you capitalize (including #1 crypto to play it).


Eric Wade
Editor, Stansberry Innovations Report

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