An AI Revolution Is Coming To The Medical Sector

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Fellow Investor,

The average doctor can diagnose an illness correctly 50-90% of the time.1

But one innovative company's medical AI gets it right 92% .

The simple fact is, when it comes to many medical diagnostics, AI has already surpassed humans.

Earlier this year, an AI tool tested by the NHS caught tiny signs of breast cancer that doctors missed.2

Testing on another AI tool showed it can pick up drug interactions that humans overlook - or have never learned.3

To be clear - AI isn't going to replace your primary care physician or the ER doc.

But what AI will do is take care of some chores faster and more accurately than medical staff can.

Freeing up doctors and nurses to give each patient more time, give their treatments more attention, and eliminate all the paperwork that most medical practices are drowning in.

15%-30% of your medical bill is consumed by administrative waste, after all.4

AI can bring that number close to zero.

And the best medical AI is leading the way to this AI healthcare revolution... with the most accurate diagnostics, and a proprietary "GLM" AI platform that, unlike LLMs, has only been trained by doctors, for medical purposes.

Click here to see why this small company is trusted by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota to assist doctors and train med students... And why it has some of the best growth prospects in the red-hot medical AI niche.


The Bull Report

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