Controversial CEO explains new way to amass wealth

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Dear Reader,

There's no shortage of controversial CEOs in America today...

From Elon Musk... to Disney's Bob Iger... to JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon...

But only one controversial CEO that I know of is willing to show you exactly how and why he cut his annual salary to $1...

Then pocketed more than a million dollars in a single day - without buying or selling any stock.

And that guy is Porter Stansberry, the CEO and founder of MarketWise Inc.

Yes, Porter's right up there among "America's most controversial CEOs"...

With his libertarian views, and outspoken opinions on "DEI" (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and “ESG." (He believes both have harmed our country.)

But while I know Porter's controversies well (we shared an office for years)... I also know he's probably helped more Americans financially than any other individual.

I've seen it happen again and again... 

When Porter identifies a new moneymaking idea, strategy, or opportunity... you should definitely pay attention.

That's exactly what's happening right now - Porter says there's now a "New Form of Money in America, and it's making some people rich."

No, this has nothing to do with gold or bitcoin or anything like that... but it's a secret Porter is using personally... and so are many others (including me), with incredible results.

Don't miss Porter's brand-new presentation on this subject - I guarantee it's like nothing else you'll see out there today... and could be worth a lot of money to you in the months to come.

Good Investing,

Mike Palmer
Founding Partner, Stansberry Research 

P.S. It's pretty amazing how lucrative this secret can be... Porter just got another big one-day payout because of this situation... Learn more about what Porter is so excited about here.

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