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Trader, Here's Your Portfolio Loss Protection Plan

If you've tried to buy calls and puts to speculate on a stock's direction, you may have found it sounds much easier than it really is.

And in a market like we've seen in the past few years, it has proven to be even harder. But not to worry... there's nothing wrong with you.

Many people have felt this way and experienced similar struggles, but there are ways to control risk, reduce losses, and increase the likelihood of success when trading calls and puts.

In addition to that, making triple-digit gains.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, to a lot of traders, yes...until we did it here at Schaeffer's Investment Research.

You see, back in 2022 we accepted a handful of selected options traders into our service created around this idea of "little to no risk and maximum reward."

And the results have been better than expected. Proving one thing...

Growing a portfolio steadily with minimal risk while still maximizing profits is in fact possible!

We've done it, and now we want to bring in another small set of investors to see how our "spread" strategy can change the way they trade for good.

Before I go any further, here's a sneak peek into recent profits our subscribers have seen...

  • 171.6% GAIN on Palo Alto Networks
  • 269.2% GAIN on Oracle
  • 423.3% GAIN on Airbnb, Inc.
  • 216.4% GAIN on C3.ai, Inc.
  • 339.5% GAIN on Dell
  • 485% GAIN on Marathon Digital Holdings

Do you see that, Trader? MARA AND ABNB QUINTIPLED subscribers' money!

And these were happening right in the middle of market chaos, using a strategy that a lot of options traders are totally unaware of.

As you may know, I have over 43 years of personal experience trading the options market, seeing, and trading different market trends and variations... and the next few weeks are about to be unheard of, especially for traders using our "vertical spread" strategy.

And the best part of this strategy is it works regardless of the direction of the market.

It's solely built around this lesser-known strategy.

So, whether an underlying stock price is trending down or trending upwards, this strategy is set so you profit big regardless.

In theory, it doesn't matter precisely where the strike price is relative to the underlying stock, providing that the options that you write are cheaper than those that you buy.

The purpose here is to basically reduce your overall investment in owning specific options contracts and therefore limit any potential losses.

If the contracts you have bought expire out-of-the-money and are worthless then the contracts you have written will be worthless as well.

Making sure your losses are limited... regardless of which way the price of the underlying stock moves.

So, your loss will simply be the difference between the money you invested in buying and the money you recouped through selling, your losses cannot be a dime higher than that.

The ideal scenario that we optimize for Vertical Options Trader is that the underlying stock moves only moderately in price.

Given the nature of the spread, the contracts you own may increase in value and enable you to make a profit while the contracts you have written never make it in the money and expire worthless: meaning you effectively profit on both aspects of the trade.

Do you see how this could be a game changer for how you trade options?

Maximum profit and limited risk... the dream of every options trader.

This strategy gives you several distinct advantages over other traders:

  1. They help with trade planning, as it's possible to predetermine the maximum potential loss and the maximum potential profit.
  2. The losses are effectively limited to your initial cost at the time of making the move.
  3. They don't require trading on margin and can therefore be used by traders who can't afford to risk too much.
  4. They can offer a greater return on investments than other strategies when there are moderate price movements.

With Vertical Options Trader, you're entitled to at most 5 profit-primed trade recommendations each month, and each recommendation will hit your inbox on the third Friday of each month.

You'll want to keep an eye out for that email because every second you waste, potential gains will be wasted.

This strategy works best when we have moderate price movement to the underlying stock ... meaning every minute is a potential triple-digit gain.

The trade recommendations come with full technical commentary, so you'll know exactly what influenced my analysis of each trade and why I believe each one is set to be a big winner.

It's also important to state that all trade recommendations I send out in Vertical Options Trader target at least 100% gains.

I won't send you any trade recommendations I'm not confident in. I supply easy-to-understand commentary to show you why I think each trade will pull in huge gains.

Meaning you can rest assured that you could double or even triple your money a few times each month.

It's the best of both worlds, and if you truly want to "play" the system successfully then you should be jumping in on this opportunity as fast as your hands can allow you.

Schaeffer's Investment Research has nearly 43 years of experience trading the market and we've developed a sixth sense to know exactly when primetime is about to hit.

And with the "spread" strategy we use for Vertical Options Traders, the next few months could be primetime... meaning, this strategy is set for massive profits.

As an options trader, there's never been a better time to start implementing an effective strategy such as this.

Trader, time is of the essence!

Right now, as I write this email, Vertical Options Trader currently retails for $295 per month.

And as you've seen, even at that price, it is still a very reasonable fee for the kinds of gains subscribers are making.

Just one trade as a Vertical Options Trader subscriber could effectively pay for your entire subscription fee... everything from that point on is pure profits you could take to the bank.

Instead of the standard $295 subscription fee, for the next couple of hours only... you get to be a part of Vertical Options Trader for just $30.

That's 90% off the standard price! This is your chance to give this service a test run without having to commit long-term.

Incredible, right? I know... But I'm only accepting a handful of new subscribers and you have until midnight to jump in at this discounted rate.

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Bernie Schaeffer
Founder & CEO
Schaeffer's Investment Research
1-513-589-3800 International

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Cincinnati, OH 45242

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Although there is significant profit potential associated with buying options, there is also the risk of losing one's entire investment in any individual trade. In any option buying approach, it is expected that losing trades will be more numerous than winning trades. The goal is for the average gain to be significantly greater than the average loss so that the bottom line is profitable. Prior to purchase, ensure that you have a broker that allows the trading of options and that you are approved to trade options.

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