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They stand to benefit from what Wall Street has been doing
Later today, I’ll be giving you a FREE rundown of my top 3 stocks on today’s hitlist.

I’m super excited because these are tickers that Wall Street could be moving into any day now.

Once that happens, it could open the door for regular folks like us to target huge gains from these stocks in exactly 24-hours! 

Just like my research showed on Exxon Mobil… 

On March 27th, 2023… The stock was petering around all day going nowhere fast.

But then out of nowhere…money came piling in at the end of the day.

And when you take a look at the trading volume… You can see just how big these transactions really were…

Now, I don’t know which Wall Street institutions were responsible for these large transactions… 

But frankly, I don’t care! 

Because look at what happened over the next 24 hours for Exxon Mobil…

Our research shows a whopping 77% gain in just under 24 hours! 

Here’s another example involving Generac (GNRC) on February 6th, 2024….

Over the last few years this stock had fallen from a $525 giant all the way down to $100.

And in February there wasn’t much to write home about as it hadn’t gained a penny in nearly 18 months…

But then out of nowhere on February 6th… Money came piling in at the end of the day.

And when you take a look at the trading volume… you can see it, clear as day.
And anyone who traded this ticker could have seen an impressive return…
Our research shows a mind-boggling 104% gain in just 24 hours! 

If things go as planned, we may end up seeing the same type of movement for my top 3 stocks on today’s hitlist.

Here’s one more example involving Wells Fargo (WFC)... 

Unlike most stocks which have been BOOMING since the beginning of the year…

Back in April… WFC fell flat on their earnings report and the stock was stuck in the mud for WEEKS!

For most folks… That’s a clear red flag.

But Wall Street was moving in the shadows as usual…

And just 24 hours later… 

A massive 85% gain was enjoyed by anyone who took the trade.

Of course, there were smaller wins and those that did not work out, there’s nothing guaranteed in the markets - there’s winners and losers…

But if you still haven’t signed up to see my hitlist- you can do that now by tapping here.

Otherwise, I'll see you at 12 pm Eastern.
Graham Lindman

The trades expressed are from historical data in order to demonstrate the potential of the system. From September of 2023 through May of 2024 from the study we have seen a 74.4% win rate on options with an average winner of 76% and an average return of winners and losers at 44% on an average 24 hour hold time in a model portfolio.

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