I just hit "send" on your 6 May trades!

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Last chance to claim immediate access to these trades!
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A few hours ago, I hit "send" on May's Expiration Week Countdown trade recommendations.

Yes, the 6 trades I've been telling you about... the ones primed to double or triple your money by May 17th!

Right now, subscribers are preparing to place these trades as soon as the opening bell rings tomorrow morning.

Each one of these 6 trades are the "cream of the crop." Selected by my team of expert analysts... poised to deliver 200% cash gains (or more) by Friday.

Just like April's trades produced - 332% GAIN on CAR and a 200% GAIN on TSLA!

Expiration Week Countdown subscribers who played 10 contracts on both the Tesla Motors and Avis Budget Group trades walked away with a profit of $24,470!

As you can imagine... they're very excited to place their new trades. I'm sorry if you missed out... but I believe in second chances... and this is yours.

That's right, it's not too late for you to join!

The official deadline was 6:30 p.m. ET... but technically, you can still profit from these trades if you sign up before the markets open tomorrow.

And with this special offer, you can access these 6 May trades at a price so low you won't believe it.

Expiration Week Countdown is normally $249 per month… a fair price considering it delivers 6 potentially money-tripling trades each and every month.

But when you sign up tonight, you can grab May's trades for just $15!

Hurry and join now to get tonight's just-released 6 trades. To get immediate access, just click the big button below.

  Claim Your Trades  

After subscribing, check your account on www.schaeffersresearch.com for access to tonight's trades.

Each trade includes target profits, ideal buy and sell points, and insightful trader commentary.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Bernie Schaeffer
Founder & CEO
Schaeffer's Investment Research
1-513-589-3800 International

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Good morning, Trader!

I'm here with a time-sensitive message... so let me get right to it.

If making some serious gains - I'm talking 200% or more - by next Friday gets your blood pumping, please keep reading...

Because I'm going to show you how a small group of savvy traders - folks just like you - TRIPLED THEIR MONEY on Tesla Motors... and more than QUADRUPLED THEIR MONEY on Avis Budget Group just LAST MONTH!

And those same traders can't wait to do it again in May... they'll be sending their portfolio soaring by next Friday (just one short week from today)!

Don't miss this next part...

Both of those HUGE April gains happened in just 4 days!

In on Monday of option expiration week and out on Thursday for 200% mega-profits on Tesla Motors.


In on Monday... out on Thursday for whopping 332% profits on Avis Budget Group!

Today, I'm throwing open the doors... and allowing 50 new traders in on this action... just in time for May's expiration week trades that we'll release on Sunday evening.

Each trade will target 200% GAINS or more... in 5 days or less. In on Monday, May 13th, and out of each trade by Friday, May 17th (at the latest)!

That's right... you'll be counting up your newfound profits by next Friday... but only if you're one of the first 50 to say "Yes" to this amazing opportunity I'm about to share with you.

Let's Break Down April's 3X and 4X Profit Winners

We call this amazing trading service Expiration Week Countdown, and we've been delivering huge - fast - gains to subscribers month after month for years.

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding... so let's take a quick look at last month's 2 huge winners.

Travel back in time with me... to mid-April. Just a few short weeks ago.

Let's imagine you were an Expiration Week Countdown subscriber and played our Tesla Motors recommendation. The trade arrived in your inbox at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 14th.

Over coffee the next morning, you logged into your brokerage account and grabbed 5 TSLA put option contracts for $3,860.

By Thursday, April 18th, the TSLA share price had plunged by 11%.

An 11% drop over a few days would cause stock investors to worry (or panic)... but here's the beauty of options...

You can make money as stocks drop.

So that 11% plunge in the stock caused the put option price to SOAR... sending the value of your $3,860 skyward!

With the trade smack in the middle of our "sell zone," subscribers cashed out.

Boom! A whopping 200% GAIN -That $3,860 initial investment turned into $11,580 in just 4 days - $7,720 in pure profit! In on Monday... out on Thursday!

Of course, if you wanted to play this more aggressively, you could have super-sized your profits.

Ten contracts would've yielded you a profit of $15,440. Double that to 20 contracts and you would've pulled in $30,880 in pure profit!

But Expiration Week Countdown subscribers weren't done...

Because they really took it to another level with April's Avis Budget Group trade, banking mind-blowing 332% GAINS!

That trade also arrived at 7 p.m. ET on April 14th, and the next morning, you could've grabbed 10 CAR put option contracts for $2,720.

By Thursday, the price of CAR shares had dropped 9%.

Now, a 9% 4-day plunge might have stock traders nervous... but that quick downward stock move caused the put option price to SKYROCKET... sending the value of your $2,720 through the roof!

Time to cash out...

That $2,720 initial investment turned into $11,750... a whopping 332% GAIN and $9,030 in pure profit! Let's just say those who played it more aggressively were quite happy with that decision.

Double that to 20 contracts and you would've pulled in $18,060 in pure profit!

Let me summarize... Expiration Week Countdown subscribers who played 10 contracts on both the Tesla Motors and Avis Budget Group trades last month walked away with a profit of $24,470!

Those are life-changing gains and let me be clear... this was not an isolated event.

We've been delivering huge gains to Expiration Week Countdown subscribers for years.

Here's just a small sampling of recent expiration week winners... each one opened at the start of expiration week and closed no later than that same Friday.

That's the beauty of expiration week trading... and I expect May expiration to add to this list:

  • 215% GAIN on Netflix
  • 203% GAIN on Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • 200% GAIN on Carvana Company
  • 200% GAIN on DoorDash
  • 206% GAIN on Atlassian Corp.
  • 178% GAIN on Oracle

So, what would you do with an extra $24,470 in your pocket? That you would have made in just a few days last month?

Book that vacation you've been dreaming about? Save it for a rainy day? Or snowball it into larger positions in the future for even BIGGER windfalls?

Your money, your choice! Best of all...

With Expiration Week Countdown, you're only making a handful of trades each month. On small positions. And making huge gains within the same week you placed your trades!

The rest of the month, your money's safe. Out of the market and in cash.

Expiration Week Countdown is so easy to execute. We do the work... you bank the profits!

On the Sunday of options expiration week each month, I send out 6 trades to Expiration Week Countdown subscribers, each one targeting gains of 200% or more in 5 days or less.

These are the same trades I just showed you... That delivered 200% and 332% GAINS just last month!

For May, that's this Sunday... just 2 short days from now.

You'll be in and out of all 6 trades by Friday, May 17th at the latest.

And let me just say... my team and I are watching some expiration week trades primed to deliver eye-popping profits by next Friday.

These trades take a minute or less to execute... and they're always simple buys of puts and calls.

Each recommendation comes with:

  • Entry Price Point: So you know exactly the price to jump in at
  • Exact Exit Instructions: So you know exactly when to sell
  • Up to 200% Profit (or more) Target Per Trade: The kind of gains that can really change your life
  • Sub 5-Day Holding Period: We're targeting quick wins here, not long-term capital lockup
  • Charts & Analysis: So you can "get in the heads" of my analysts and understand our thoughts behind each pick

My team will do the hard work... and send you the trades each month on the Sunday evening before options expiration.

You simply place the trades on Monday morning, then sit back and count your profits on Friday.

It's that easy. And please note, follow-up instructions will not be provided for trades in this service. We recommend that positions be closed at the first opportunity so their stated target profit levels can be attained. All remaining open positions should be closed using market orders on the afternoon of their expiration date.

  Sign Up Now  

We've been hard at work this week... searching out the absolute best May expiration trades.

We started with a large pool of potential trades... and today, we'll narrow it down to just the cream of the crop... The 6 best trades poised to deliver 200% gains or beyond... in 5 days or less.

Each recommendation is rigorously tested against historical data. We do technical analysis, calculate implied volatility, comb through analyst reports -- you name it.

And we do this same process each month of the year for our Expiration Week Countdown subscribers.

Given the massive cash windfall potential... plus the research and resources required to produce 6 high-quality trades every month...

I'm sure you'll agree... That $249 per month is an absolute steal for this amazing program.

That's the normal price visitors to our website pay for this service, but you won't pay anywhere near that today.

Let's just say… the price is right!

I'm so excited about the impending profit opportunities in the days ahead... especially next week and I don't want price to get in the way if you're truly ready to take action.

So for the first 50 action-takers only...

You can join my inner circle of Expiration Week Countdown subscribers for just $15!

That's 94% off!

That's right… just $15 unlocks our 6 hand-picked May trades.

It's the perfect way to see this amazing strategy in action… and power-boost your portfolio next week.

And there's absolutely no long-term commitment on your part. Once the 6 May trades play out, you can just walk away… or if you like what you see, contact us for a longer-term subscription offer at a special discount.

You've already seen the amazing profits current subscribers made last month... Now imagine how much you could make from these 6 May trades.

Only 50 Spots Available!

As soon as the 50 available spots are gone, or at midnight tonight, this offer comes off the table.

Grab your spot, then circle Friday, May 17th on your calendar... as the day you'll be counting up all your newfound profits.

Best regards,

Bernie Schaeffer
Founder & CEO
Schaeffer's Investment Research
1-513-589-3800 International

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5151 Pfeiffer Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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