Most important medical advance in 100 years

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In short, Artificial Intelligence is being harnessed to create breakthrough drugs no one has ever seen before.

In a Wall Street Journal interview this month, Dr. Lloyd Minor, dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine, said:

"The drug discovery process is on the cusp of being transformed in ways that will dramatically improve the number of therapies that get to patients ... we'll see a lot of new medicines coming out - and medicines more specific to a disease and an individual rather than medicines that are generic in terms of treatment of everyone who has the disorder."

Dr. Minor concludes that AI is "a transformative moment in human history," creating the most radical and "most positive transformation in health care since the introduction of antibiotics."

This is going to dramatically alter medicine forever.

Keep in mind, creating a new effective drug in the past took up to 10 years and could cost up to $12 billion.

But now, with artificial intelligence, it could take months and cost a fraction of that amount.

And there is one particular company at the forefront of all of this.

It is the first company to bring an AI-designed drug to clinical trials.

And as a result, Big Pharma is lining up to work with them.

  • Merck is collaborating with them on three projects that could generate up to $674 million in revenue.
  • French pharma giant Sanofi agreed to pay the company up to $5.2 billion to develop 15 new drugs.
  • Bristol Meyers Squibb signed a $1.2 billion partnership with the company.

And yet... the company I'm talking about is valued at just over $600 million today. And it trades for less than $10.

In other words, these deals have the potential to drive the stock many times higher in the months and years ahead.

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Good investing,

Alexander Green
Cheif Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club

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