Obama’s Forever Term [exposed]

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Dear Reader, 

My name is Porter Stansberry. 

And over a decade ago, I tried to warn you.

I said that there would be a turning point for America. 

One that would result in massive inflation, huge tax increases, and unprecedented expansions to the welfare state.

I said we would see our freedoms curtailed, our speech policed, and the rise of a new permanent ruling class. 

All because of one man's insatiable lust for power and his dystopian vision for our country.

At the time, I was laughed at. They called me a conspiracy theorist… they said it couldn’t happen… the 22nd Amendment makes it impossible. 

But as I explained on live radio at the time, “he could have a proxy… while he remains in control of the administration much like Putin did in Russia.” 

Now, almost everything I warned about Obama’s Forever Term has come to pass… and is even acknowledged by President Trump and countless others who admit that Biden is not in control.

This isn’t some right-wing talking point either… even a majority of Democrats believe Obama is the one really running the White House. 

And while I first warned of Obama’s Forever Term back in 2012, writing, “very little stands between us and a tyrant unlike any other in American history.”

It’s what’s coming next that’s really terrifying.

I’ve uncovered a new election plot that will forever enshrine Obama’s destructive, Marxist vision for America… 

A plot that could hand him and his allies near-total control over the government, your way of life, and your future. 

When you discover what they have planned next, you will see why I’m calling this documentary my final warning.

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I’ll expose the shocking “endgame” they’ve been working towards for years and the irreparable damage it will wreak on our nation. 

Please understand, this isn’t the first time I’ve issued a controversial prediction that the mainstream media will call “crazy.”

My partners and I broke many of the most important economic and investment stories of the last three decades. 

We exposed the corruption at the heart of General Motors… warned of the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…

We laid bare how the U.S. government’s bailouts, money printing, and soaring debt burden would lead to a crisis of civil society and predicted in near-perfect detail the riots, lockdowns, and inflation we’ve been tortured by for years. 

More recently, after a brief retirement, I returned to warn the adoption of so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies would poison some of our most storied companies.

A year before Boeing’s planes started to fall apart mid-flight, I wrote a report titled, “Coming Soon: The Boeing Collapse” and detailed why this once great company was going to crash. 

However, despite close to three decades of research that has been praised as “prescient” and read by millions of people from all walks of life…

I know most people will ignore this dire and urgent warning. They’ll say it can’t happen here, not in America. But as you’ll discover in my new documentary, it’s already happening.

And unless you take action now you and your loved ones could lose everything. 

Please, watch this now before it’s too late.

Porter Stansberry 


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Today's Bonus Content: Obama's Forever Term [exposed]

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